As you look around your home, you may notice that it looks a little old and worn down. There is nothing wrong with the foundation and the bones of the home, but it may need a few upgrades to make sure it looks nice and can last a long time.

The good news is there are many simple things that you can do around the home to make an old home look new. Some of the tips that you can do to make your old home look new include:

1. Replace your Current Fireplace with an Electric Fireplace

A realistic electric fireplace is a good option to use to replace the current fireplace. It can look nice, brings a cozy vibe to your home, and prevents all of the soot and ash. When you replace your current fireplace with the electrical one, you can do some simple upgrades to make it look more modern.

 2. Clean Everything

 Sometimes just a simple cleaning around the home will make a difference. Get some strong cleaning agents and see how clean the floors, walls, and more can help the house look better. Start with one room at a time and replace anything that needs to be swapped out.

3. Bring Out the Paint

Sometimes all an old home needs is a fresh paint of coat, both on the inside and on the outside. When the home hasn’t been painted in a long time, it will look faded and may have colors that have not been used in years. This dates the home badly.

For the outside of the home, a new coat of paint can help hide some of the old dents and cracks in the home. It is also a good excuse to remove all the peeling paint. Look around the neighborhood to see which paint colors have become popular and use that as your basis.

If you haven’t painted the inside of the home in 30+ years, it is time for a new paint coat. Colors that were popular during your grandma’s youth are no longer in style and will make the home look old. White is a good color to brighten and clean the home, but there are many other colors to choose too that add a modern look.

4. Get Rid of the Wallpaper

 Wallpaper is going to outdate any home. Especially if it has a lot of flowers and other older patterns. It is better to remove it and then add a fresh coat of paint to the area to make it look nice. Get some strong wallpaper removal as most of the old stuff gets stuck on pretty well.

5. Replace the Carpets

 If your home has bright green carpets in the living room and red carpet in the bathroom, your home likely looks pretty dated. This may have been the style in the past, but it is not the style that is in now. These carpets are also probably pretty old so keeping them will look bad as well.

 If the color is old on the carpet, you may want to replace the whole thing. If they are just old carpets but in a good color, consider a professional carpet cleaning service to see if that helps to bring the carpets back to life.

6. Update the Old Outlets

 This one may seem like such a minor thing to work with, but it can make a difference. It is also relatively inexpensive. Many homes have different types of outlets and light switches. Some are old and others are replaced over time.

This mismatched look can date your home. Take some time to count all the outlets and light switches in the home and get replacements to help make it look better.

7. Paint the Cupboards

 Your cupboards can look old if they are outdated, chipped, or have a really old paint color on them. You can update or replace them when this starts to happen.

 Replacing the cupboards can add up quickly. A less expensive way to help them look amazing is to use some paint. Use a heavy-duty cabinet enamel because it is easier to apply, more durable, and will allow you to wipe spots and stains away.

8. Consider the Appliances

An old stove can really make a kitchen look outdated. The oven may work fine, but you can really tell the age of some of those older appliances. You can update your appliances and make your kitchen and other rooms look newer.

It isn’t necessary to go with the newest version of each one. Those can cost a lot of money that isn’t worth it. But something a little newer, and something that matches together with the rest of the appliances in the room, can make a big difference.

9. Add Better Lighting

Nothing does a better job of making your home look new than adding in some lighting. You can go for something simple like a floor lamp or upgrade the bedroom with a few new sconces. Just a little bit of light is a great way to brighten up the whole living area.

Check the light bulbs that are already in place as well. If they have not been upgraded for some time and you want more brightness in the room, LED lights are a good option. They are more energy efficient so will save you money, while brightening up any room.

10. Don’t Forget the Curtains

 If you still have the original curtains in the home, it is time to make some changes to make them look more modern. The old ones date the home and are dirty too. You can also choose to replace the curtain rods if they appear dated too.

Making Your Home Look New

An older home can still be comfortable and look like new, though it will take a little bit of work. By adding some paint and doing a few updates, you can easily make the whole area look like new, without having to purchase a new home!

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