How many LEGOs are in your kids’ room? It might be hundreds. Why don’t you use them to make some crafts? Instead of throwing those old LEGOs, using them to decorate your room might be better. Furthermore, you will get new home items without spending lots of money. There are endless craft opportunities to make with LEGOs. All of them are super easy to make in minutes. We have collected DIY things to make from LEGO in your home. The supplies and tools might already be in your hand right now. Check out!


DIY Lego Ring


Your kids will love a ring from LEGO. Making it will not be tricky. Choose the one with a good shape; a flower, diamond, or others. Attach the LEGO you choose to the ring using hot glue. Easy, right? You only need to wait for it to dry. Then, you can give it to your kid. A DIY newbie can finish it in minutes. 

DIY LEGO Key Station

No need to worry about losing a key anymore! You can make a station from anything in your home. In this case, we recommend you to use LEGO. Arrange some LEGOs to make the base and the stations. Then, hang the keys on them one by one. You can see more instructions here.

DIY LEGO Earrings

Wearing LEGO earrings will make your kids look so cute. Anyone will never guess that LEGOs can become cute jewelry items. It seems so great, right? They will love their new earrings. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy. Just make a pair of LEGO earrings by hand from now. Choose the most suitable LEGO shape for making earrings. Then, attach the hooks.


Cool, right? Attach this clock to your kid’s room wall. Creating this clock is super easy. Arrange the base in rectangular, rectangle, or other shapes you want. Then, attach the number using other LEGO blocks. Finish it by assembling the clock machine. 

DIY LEGO Tissue Box

No need to buy a new tissue box anymore. Use some LEGO blocks to make it. It looks so simple and colorful. You can check out more about how to make it here. What do you think? Making this craft is not hard at all.

DIY LEGO Photo Frame

Save your baby photos in frames! There are plenty of ways to make photo frames. What about using LEGOs? Rather than buying supplies from a craft store, using LEGOs to make a photo frame will be cheaper. You save your money and get new photo frames. 


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