Clothespins are small things that are easily found and cheap. These wood pegs help us to dry our clothes after being dried from a washing machine. Clothespins keep the clothes and avoid them falling and getting dirty. However, we don’t recognize that these small amounts are functional and can be repurposed to some new home improvement projects. So, you don’t have to throw unused clothespins in your storage. In this article, we have gathered clothespins repurposing ideas that will inspire you. Check out them further below!

DIY Clothespins Candle Holder

Diy clothespins candle holder


It seems like in a spa room, don’t we? This clothespins candle holder looks so gorgeous to your room decoration. Made of wood, these clothespins give us a rustic and farmhouse feeling. Just arrange clothespins in a circle and add a candle in the middle of it.

DIY Clothespin Backdrop

Attach clothespins one by one to a rope and you will get a cool backdrop. Of course, you are free to use any colors you like. This awesome idea will lead you to make a gorgeous garland as well. Make this project with your kids and they will enjoy it too.

Handmade Clothespin Dolls

This craft is awesome. You can ask your kids to make these clothespins dolls this weekend. You can use paper to draw the character. Or, you can draw directly by using paint. Hang these dolls in your kids’ room or any space you want.

Yellow Cock From Clothespins

Upcycle your old clothespins into awesome yellow cock crafts. When your kids want to buy toys, why don’t you ask them to make a toy by hand? Take the clothespins, as many as you want. Then, paint them yellow. After that add googly eyes and felt to look like the real cock.

DIY Crocodile Clothespins

You will need clothespins, glue, googly eyes, and green felt to make this craft. Cut the felt into small pieces to make a crocodile. Then, attach them by using hot glue. Add googly eyes to finish it. Don’t forget to let it dry for several minutes. Now, you can give these crocodiles as gifts to your kid.

DIY Clothespin Organizing

Organize your schedule by using clothespins. Add a label to each clothespin in terms of the day’s name. Sunda, Monday, Tuesday, and soon. Put on your schedule on the day and pinch it out. Add other schedules for other days. The clothespins will arrange your days better. Cool, isn’t it?

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