Do you ever forget about where did you put your sunglasses last time? If in the end, you can not find them out, let yourself create your own sunglasses case that impressive and inexpensive. This could be your collection or a gift to your friends. All the ideas of sunglasses case are collected on Appealing DIY Sunglasses Case Ideas To Keep Stylish On The Cover

Suede Glasses Wrap

This suede glasses wrap is definitely perfect where no one has the imagination to create this for their sunglasses. The fabric that is extremely durable will keep your sunglasses safe. The supplies you need to create this sunglass case are suede or leather, scissors, fine point pen or marker, thread, and a sewing needle.

Rhinestones Kitty Collar Case

Rhinestones kitty collar case Appealing DIY Sunglasses Case Ideas To Keep Stylish On The Cover


If you have hard glass care already that you do not mind using while you do find it quite boring, so you may have been thinking something new from that case. This rhinestones kitty collar case is the answer for you where somehow it looks glamorous. The supplies you need to create these glasses care are plain eyeglasses case, nail polish, sticker paper, rhinestones, stencil, scissors, paint pen, and strong adhesive.

Denim Sunglasses Case

Denim is one of the good things to be the object or repurposing object. Therefore, it is a genius idea to have denim as your sunglasses case.  Besides, this sunglasses idea is also a great choice handmade gift either for a man or a woman because it helps them to not tend to carry around handbags. The supplies you need to create this case are old jeans, lining fabric, very thin wadding or batting, cotton thread, sewing machine, scissors or rotary cutter, a pen, pins, and a round cup or bowl. Last, by the existence of a fun little contrasting fabric, it gives you an extra style.

Container Glasses Case

This container glasses case is a sample of small useful projects you can do by upcycling things. The materials you need to create this case are plastic drink mix containers, paper cutters, ruler, decorative paper, mod podge, and paintbrush.

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