Giving Valentine’s day gift by making it yourself will be more valuable because you put your effort and heart into that. The one who receives it will feel your love better than when you simply buy something for her/him. Do the DIY projects which can be adjusted based on her/his favorite things. Also, you can manage the design based on your capability in making the DIY. Don’t forget your budget too so that everything could be properly based on the condition.

Are you confused about how to bring the Valentine touches to your gift and what kind of possible gift that proper for the Valentine gift? Here we have some references. The most common stuff for your Valentine’s gift will be chocolate and flowers. However, you can give her nail polish, lipstick, and any other makeup things that must be loved by women. In case you want to give the gift to your boyfriend, you can give him a tie and decorate the gift box. For your information, Valentine is not only about your girlfriend and boyfriend. You can also make the gift for your kids or parent. Get the ideas down below!

Small Valentine Day Gift from Raisingteenstoday

Bouquet Valentine Day Gift from Raisingteenstoday

Toiletries Bouquet from Raisingteenstoday

Stickers Bouquet with Paper Box from Raisingteenstoday

Candy Bouquet from Raisingteenstoday

Berry Gift with Decorative Jar from Raisingteenstoday

Candy Bouquet with Mug from Raisingteenstoday

Love Mug Bouquet from Raisingteenstoday

DIY Donut Gift from Raisingteenstoday

Painted Mason Jar Lantern from Countryliving.

Decorated Valentine’s Candy Jar Gift from Countryliving.

Heart Doily Balloon Tails from Countryliving.

Painted Mason Jars Valentine’s Day Gift from Countryliving.

Wishlist Jar Gift from Diyjoy

Valentine’s Candy Bottle Gift from Diyjoy

DIY Bookmark Valentine Day Gift from Diyjoy

Painted Glass Jars Gift from Diyjoy

Pink And Red Candy Box Gift from Diyjoy

DIY Mason Jar Valentine Gift from Diyjoy

Hugs And Kisses Mason Jar Gift from Diyjoy

DIY Glittery Block Puzzle from Diyjoy

Chapsticks Valentine Gift from Diyjoy

Glitter Jar from Stylemotivation

Candy Jars from Stylemotivation

Handmade Heart Shaped Soap from Stylemotivation

Solid Lotion Bars from Stylemotivation

Candy Gift from Stylemotivation

Tube Favours from Stylemotivation

Message in a Bottle from Stylemotivation

Candy Hearts Gift from Stylemotivation

Chalkboard Painted Mugs from Cutediyprojects

Custom Beer Bottles from Cutediyprojects

Gift jar from Cutediyprojects

Valentine’s Baskets from Cutediyprojects

Valentine’s Light Bulb from Cutediyprojects

Paint Heart Rocks Valentine’s Day Gift from Creativegreenliving

DIY Painted Mug Gift from Creativegreenliving

DIY Puzzle Heart Art Gift from Creativegreenliving

DIY Chocolate Wrappers from Creativegreenliving

Fizzing Mermaid Bath Salts from Creativegreenliving

Jar Valentines Gift with Free Printable Tags from Creativegreenliving

DIY Mini Valentine Treat Boxes from Creativegreenliving

Sparkly Painted Clay Pots from Creativegreenliving

DIY Wine Cork Trivet from Creativegreenliving

Glow Sticks Free Printable Valentine Card from Creativegreenliving

Champagne Bottle Valentines Day Gift from Youandkids

DIY Small Heart Tags from Youandkids

Embroidery Wine Bags from Housebeautiful

DIY Crackers Valentine Gift from Diyprojectsforteens

Duck Tape Flower Pots Gift from Diyprojectsforteens

DIY Heart Design Journal from Diyprojectsforteens

Valentine Love Blocks from Diyprojectsforteens

DIY Love Potion Bath Sets from Diyprojectsforteens

Unicorn Valentine Box from Diyprojectsforteens

Bird Feeders Valentine Gift from Countryliving

Miniature Valentine’s Notebooks from Cutediyprojects

Tea Bag Hearts from Cutediyprojects

Walnut Valentine Gift from Diyjoy

A Year Of Dates In A Box from Diyjoy

Conversation Heart Vodka & Cupid’s Kiss from Diyjoy

DIY Love Mug from Diyjoy

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bar Wraps from Diyjoy

Valentine’s Day Gift Bag from Diyjoy

DIY Lotion Boxes from Stylemotivation

Homemade Bubble Valentine from Stylemotivation

DIY Valentine Felt Tic Tac Toe Game from Stylemotivation

DIY Heart Gift Bag from Stylemotivation

Love Bee Gift from Stylemotivation

Valentines Day Straw Toppers from Stylemotivation

Mini Chocolate Mailboxes from Feedingmykid

Valentine’s Candy Wreath from Feedingmykid

Heart Jars Valentine Gift from Feedingmykid

Chalkboard Spray Paint Jar Gift from Ideastand

DIY Flower Arrangement Valentine Gift from Ideastand

DIY Jar Lantern Valentine Gift from Ideastand

DIY Pencil Toppers Gift from Ideastand

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