It is well-known information where pressing flowers remains a beautiful artwork to decorate a space. Here, you can have pressed flower projects that you can make it by yourself. All the ideas are rounded up on Charming DIY Pressed Flower Art Projects You Can Do In All Seasons.

Pressed Flower Glass Vase

This flower glass vase works either for the original vase or vase-lamp. You can use any clean glass container. Go first with glue that pressed flowers onto the glass that match your next afternoon tea or coffee service.

Pressed Flower Gift Tags

Pressed flower gift tags Charming DIY Pressed Flower Art Projects You Can Do In All Seasons


Let your loved ones receive a stylish present with a lovely homemade gift tag. Press the flower then frame it. It shows that you have a shining DIY idea to beautify the present.

Pressed Flower Candle

It is a romantic DIY version where clustering pressed blooms toward the bottom of the candle. After that, position them in a more scattered fashion toward the top. The tip is to use the melted wax as an adhesive so it will burn safer than any sort of glue.

DIY Pressed Flower Bookmark

Curling up with favorite books is always be good. Do you ever feel disturbed when you are in a good moment of reading but you have to go to the toilet then your last page cannot be found? Here is the idea for you to create a charming bookmark made of flowers. You can create this with real flowers or fake ones.

Pressed Flower Tray

When you are hosting an event, have an attractive serving tray is definitely impressive and useful. You may try to use pastel wildflowers and single leaves for the pretty vibe. As a finishing, make sure to seal with a clear top coat to prevent any water rings.

Framed Pressed Flower

This framed flower pressed looks so amazing when hung in clusters against a light source. You can decorate your bathroom with this simple artwork to have a country-chic vibe for a homey atmosphere.

Pressed Flower Luminaries

Pressed flower luminaries Charming DIY Pressed Flower Art Projects You Can Do In All Seasons


Create a wax paper luminary with beautiful pressed wildflowers for an inexpensive nature indoors accent. Moreover, it looks more special when a group of three or four and placed near a sunny window. It works pretty both indoor or outdoor more to show a soothing twilight effect.

Pressed Flower Pendant

This handmade jewelry is rustic chic to beautify your outfit of the day.  A bold pendant with a pressed flower or two and a solo sprig of green is gorgeous. It is great though to be a gift for your friends.

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