As we know, Mason Jars are quite popular for DIY decorations. You can use them for garden decoration, containers, gifts, you can even use them to show your sweet memories. And to give you additional inspiration with Mason Jars, today I’m going to talk about creating Beautiful lantern with Mason Jars. And without further ado, let’s take a look at Amazing And Easy DIY With Mason Jars To Create A Beautiful Lantern With Unique Pattern From Yarn And String.

Materials :
  • Mason Jars
  • Goo Gone or other Merk if you find better.
  • Yarn or String
  • Spray Paints (White Colors)
  • Paper or piece of unused cloth
How To Do It :

1 In the first step, you need to clean up the Mason Jar that you will use from the logos, tags and the glue that attached to the Mason jars using the Goo Gone. Make Sure to clean everything including the Goo Gone with soap. If you didn’t clean the Goo Gone then the paint won’t stick to Mason Jars.

2 Wrap the Yarn or String around the Mason Jar and tie it up. Do the wrapping several times with crisscross pattern or other patterns depending on your creativity and taste. Don’t worry about fuzzy fiber around the yarn or string because it will not ruin your art once you paint the Mason Jar. You can use different size of the yarn, for example, you can use thicker yarn or string to give more space for the light. Or you can combine thicker yarn with thinner yarn to create a unique pattern.

3 Next, put Mason Jars that you already wrapped with yarn or string upside down on the covered surface. Remember, you need to put Mason Jars upside down or else, the paint may come inside the Mason Jar and will ruin your patterned.

4 Spray the Mason Jars. You can choose to spray them with different colors depending on your taste. To paint them evenly, do the painting 2-3 Coats.

5 Let them dry for 15-20 minutes, it can be longer depending on the paint that you use.

6 After the paint is dry, you can cut off the yarn or string and your Mason Jars are ready to use.

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