Glitter is something that could be really interesting because of its stand out look. Moreover, it also has some different colors which really flexible for the use especially for the DIY glitter craft. For the application itself, it could be applied into any stuff from the accessories, DIY ornament, or something more functional like bag. Let us now look at the glitter application to give you references that will be surprisingly really adorable.

Bobby Pin

Your hairdo will look even more pretty with the right accessory. In this case, bobby pin might look simple and common as the hair accessory, but it could turn into the pretty one just by adding the glitter into it. You can apply it by using the glitter nail polish. However, if you want to create your own glitter, you can utilize the clear nail polish then mix it with the glitter you want.

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Even the shoes can also applied with the glitter especially for your kids shoes. It will be really stand out and pretty for kids that still be really fit for something too bright and shinny. You can choose the color of the glitter based on your kids personality or their favorite colors.

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Tote Bag

If you have a plain tote bag, it will be really possible for you to decorate it. Look at the tote bag with heart pattern in gold glitter paint. Although it looks really simple but it is so much worthy because we can’t refuse the pretty of the bag appearance. Well, of course you can have other glitter colors and designs! Simply adjust everything based on your creativity.

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Make Up Brush Holder

When make up is your passion, then having the brushes will be really common for you. Here, to store your make up brushes in a pretty container is really worthy. In case you can’t find the proper one at the store, then you can simply make it your own. Use the glass then apply the glitter in any color that you like. Then, as the additional ornament, you can wrap it with the ribbon and beads.

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Decorative Candle

Mason jar that used as the decorative candle is really common for us. That is why, it still really interesting to be discussed here. The decorative candle that we have here is only made of simple gold glitter, but it already able to give the glamorous look. Moreover, if you don’t want to use the mason jar, you can always use the simpler material. For example, you can simply wrap it by using the paper or ribbon that applied with glitter. See more at DIY mason jar !

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Decorative Planter

Providing the indoor greenery is such a must. It is important to give the fresh and peaceful atmosphere into your home. In this case, by applying the glitter into your indoor greenery planter will be really worthy. Look at how stand out those planters although it only added with the glitter in the top part of the pot.

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In case you want to send any celebration card whether for the Christmas, Valentine and more, adding the glitter will be awesome. With its capability to create the stand out look, even without any too much ornament, you’ll have the pretty look with the glitter only.

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Not only for the planter, vase can also decorated by using glitter. In this case, it will be even greater when you use the clear glass so that there will be the contrast created between the glitter and the clear glass. For the glamorous look, you can have the gold color. Then, if you want the chic, fierce, and other characters simply choose the other colors.

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Make Up Brush

Your common make up brush design can be made into this pretty look just by simply adding the glitter. By only applying the glitter into the brush holder, you can have the pretty awesome make up brush easily. When you have the pretty make up tool, then i’m sure that your make up activity will be more fun too.

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For the way you apply the glitter, see also the best glitter application !

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