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22 Best Ways to Apply the Glitter into Your DIY Craft

Who doesn’t like glitter? That shiny little object sweetens a variety of accessories trinkets. People also like to use glitter in face makeup to support beauty and attractiveness. In addition, glitter is a small particle that has a surface to reflect light. For craftsmanship, glitter powder has rather large particles and makes this product have a sparkling effect when used on the accessories. That is why it is really worthy to be used as the DIY glitter craft.

Single Color

Glitter will make a craft sparkle. People often use this powder because it looks unique and can make things more interesting. we used to see the use of glitter in a mason jar, bowl, champagne bottle, star ornament, wine glasses, and others. Although only using one color, but it is enough to make your accessories look more luxurious. For example, you can decorate mason jar with gold color,

One of the coolest DIY glitter crafts out there today is a beautiful rose dipped in glitter.
You can gather your own large feathers and create a stunning desktop display by dipping them in glitter.
This colorful balloon glittering with a modest sheen is a great decoration or gift for someone special who has reached a milestone.
Decorate your jar with gold glitter and pink ribbons. You can use these Toles for a straw container or as a flower vase.

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Decorate the jar with Glitter, it will be able to increase the appearance of the item to a completely new level.
Decorate your bowl with gold glitter monograms that add an extraordinary personal touch to your decor and create a super chic and beautiful appearance.

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Amp up the glam quotient of your champagne bottle gift with glitter golden spray paint to create a gift that is fit for royalty.
Creating different patterns of glitter on champagne bottles is a unique way of customizing home favors.
If you are organizing a family gathering then you can add a little cuteness to the arrangement with this delicious cardboard star that comes with a touch of gold glitter.
First, you will need school-class glue and earbuds or small brushes. Use this to spread gold glitter to all your stars.

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Ombre Color

If you want your craft to look more eye-catching, you can combine various colors into it. Application of several colors to the bottle or mason jar will show a lively color gradation. Besides using various colors in the craft can also make your mood better. because glitter can make things brighter and easier to see. Glitter also has a shiny appearance like a star so it’s perfect for your craft.

Another thing I love about these glitter champagne bottles is that you can give them as gifts or use them at parties.
Even with a few supplies and no crafting skills whatsoever, you can create these gorgeous, glitter-studded champagne bottles to add to a gift basket. Follow the instructions here.
If the gold and silver sparkle is too high for a party, consider pleasant colors like blue and purple for the dream effect in your home.

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Making sparkling wine glasses with purple and silver ombre colors is a cool way to celebrate in style.
The ombre effect of this pink flower vase makes it great for parties, and equally good for tidying a table.
Make your room special with sparkling beverage bottles for a cheerful atmosphere. all day in the house.

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These champagne bottles adorned with silver and blue ombre glitter are sparkly relief that is easy to adjust and brighten your room.

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Adding pink, silver and gold glitter to an ordinary champagne bottle makes it unique and perfect as a home or party decoration item.
We recommend adding a few luxuries to separate your caulking from the others. These glitter ombré champagne bottles are easy, adorable, and will make you happy.

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Increase your champagne glam quotient’s gift bottle with gold, silver, and red glitter paint to create a beautiful indoor decoration.
Just enliven your home bar by making your own sparkling champagne bottles. Even better. When you are done with the bottle, you have a cute flower vase.

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Anyway, the glitter bright and shiny appearance like a star is perfect for decorating bottles, making the DIY mason jar, wine glasses and so on. Glitter is also easy you can easily buy at the accessory shop. Besides, glitter is also easy for you to use, by mixing a little water and then sticking it on your craft. See more at stand out DIY glitter ornament !

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