A bohemian craft design concept is describing a free lifestyle. Bohemian-style crafts are usually made of natural and vintage materials. Although unusual, bohemian or often abbreviated as “boho” turns out to be applicable in making crafts. But, there is no standard you should do in housing. Boho also does not demand anything exclusive or luxurious. In addition, crafts that have a boho theme are characterized by intricate patterns, ethnicity, colors, and vintage. Another thing to consider is getting some boho wall art for decor. This can be a great way to make the space fit the vibe you are looking for.

The main characteristic of Bohemian Style crafts is not following the color scheme or combining all colors. Color selection tends to be soft, you can use just one color or you can also use colors to form certain patterns such as tie-dye motifs that produce abstract colors. Moreover, you can apply this color to the sheets, curtains, rugs, wall hanging or dining table cloth.

DIY boho wall hanging
Boho chic hanging swing
Boho fairy lights
Boho style painted tribal vases
Crafty boho pillow crochet pattern
DIY bohemian wine bottle craft
DIY boho pillow with tassel
DIY boho hanging swing
DIY boho knickknack candlesticks
DIY boho moroccan pillow
DIY boho tassel duvet
DIY boho teepee tent
Boho Wall Hanging From A Mop
Colorful boho door handle tassels
Dip-dyed wall hanging
Macrame boho candle holder with jar
DIY mandala wall hanging
DIY macrame planter
DIY rag rug floor pouf
gypsy soul dream catcher
hand-stiched boho pouf
giant pom pom blanket
Pom pom tassel wall hanging

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Display a DIY marble moon phase wall hanging
macrame hanging on the wall
round macrame on the wall above the fireplace
DIY macrame which is used for certain
beauty of wood beads surrounding the chandelier
boho style open hand dish

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Beaded wall mirror
Beaded wind chime
Boho chic mirror
Botanical wood slices
DIY coiled raffia basket
Unique decoupaged chair
DIY boho fringe chandelier
DIY boho lace curtains
DIY dreamcatcher
DIY modern macrame from yarn hanging
DIY painted feathers
DIY pom pom basket
DIY vintage scarf curtains
DIY woven pom pom rug
DIY woven wall hanging
Doily lamp
Feathered votive holders
God’s eye wall hanger
unique macrame with photo gallery
Macrame hanging planters
painted table makeover
DIY crafts pope lampshade
Tasseled comforter and pillow shams
Wicker center table

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Talking about creativity is indeed never-ending. And when we talk more specifically about boho crafts, then you meet classic and beautiful crafts. although it seems old but vintage crafts will last a long time. Because this craft always develops and has many enthusiasts. One of the unique bohemian crafts is a dreamcatcher. Moreover, you can install this decoration in the living room or your room as a sweetener.

You can make so many things to decorate your home with boho crafts. In addition, you can use second-hand goods at your home into boho crafts. For example, from chairs to jewelry holders and everything in between, we’ll see lots of cool decorating ideas that you can make in just a few hours. Furthermore, this all fits in perfectly with a farmhouse or rustic decor too.

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