Rustic can always be a good choice in case you want to have the warm atmosphere in old things. The good thing about it is that you can even make the DIY of it. It will be great because you can create something that you really want based on your needs. Moreover, it will also really affordable since you can manage the design based on your budget. Here we have 8 DIY that you can do to give the rustic stuff touches into your home.


Basically this lighting could be applied into any room in your house. But here, we have this lighting installed for the dining room. What you have to do is utilizing the wood pallet and used it to hang the lamps. For more artistic look, you can install the lamp in different height.

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Coffee Table

In case you want to have the moveable coffee table, then this one will be great. If you have the small space for your living room, the moveable coffee table is the best choice. It is because you can move it when it doesn’t needed so that you can have the spacious living room appearance. Simply install the wheel into the table and it’s all done.

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Look at these simple chairs that you can make by simply utilizing the wood pallet that you don’t use again. Not only affordable, it is also really easy as you just need to use your hammer and nail. For the utilization, you can set the chairs as your patio or your garden seat. See more at rustic furniture !

Decorative Planter

Since greenery will be really important not only to create the beauty but also to provide the fresh air into your home, then you should have it. In case you want to create the rustic touches into the room, then use the rustic look planter. For example, you can have the wooden planter that will easily create the rustic look. Or you can utilizing your old cans that will also able to create the rustic look.

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Twig Candles

For your decorative candle, you can make this twig candle. Not only easy it is also really cheap. Imagine that you only need to find the twig in your yard then stick it into the glass. Then, not only pretty, your decorative candle will be really adorable and artistic.

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Providing the proper rack is such a must. Here, you should make sure that the rack is in sturdy one so that you can place your stuff without any worry. Related to that, use the wood pallet that still in a good condition or with the good wood quality. Then, for the last touch you can paint it with any paint color or simply let it with its natural color.

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Rattan Basket

Not only wood, rattan can also able to bring out the rustic impression. You can utilize it to store any stuff that you want. Then, if you want to make it easier to know the content of each basket, you just need to simply labelling the baskets. For your advice, it is better for you to use the neutral color for the label.

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Wall Ornament

Because the style that going to bring is rustic, then the wood material will be the best choice. You can apply the wood in form of painting, motivation statement, or the letter as the symbol of things important for you. Don’t forget to use the neutral color if you want to get the rustic ornament impression. See more at DIY rustic craft !

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