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21 Rustic DIY Crafts by Using Jute Rope

Hemp rope usually has many functions in daily life. Its function is not only to tie it but it turns out to be the jute rope to decorate a variety of furniture. The creation of this hemp rope can be useful besides the rustic furniture for daily needs, it is also appropriate for you to display it as a home decoration because of its unique appearance. Moreover, jute rope creations will bring interesting rustic stuff and nautical nuances to your home.


There are many creative ways to make new things in the world of home decoration. One way is to make a planter from jute rope. You simply combine used cans and jute ropes then you can create these two things into a planter. You only need to cover the can with a hemp rope to produce a nautical-style planter. Furthermore, to make it look more attractive, you can paint the planter with your favorite color.

Plants to decorate the room that looks beautiful. But you can make it use jute rope to make the container for the plant to look simple.

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Potted plants wrapped in brown jute rope that you can make yourself. This ornament is great for decorating your home that looks fresh.

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Ornamental plants in small pots that look very simple. But you can wrap it in burlap straps made like fabric for simple decoration.
Pot containing green plants as a cool decoration for your home. Moreover, you can add it with white burlap straps to cover the container for the plant to be good.
A simple ornamental plant pot for your home decor. You can add a brown burlap rope and some you can paint blue so it does not look monotonous.
Small green plant in a small blue pot that shows beauty. With the addition that you can make with burlap straps tied to the pot

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Green plants with pink flowers in big beautiful pink pots. with the addition of a burlap string neatly for extra decoration.

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You can change the function of the hemp rope to be more useful. The trick is you can make a container by using a hemp rope. The material you need to prepare is a basket, for example. Wrap the hemp rope around the outer surface of the basket. Then add decoration if you want. Besides that, it can also make your glass look cool by decorating it with jute rope.

The container is made of brown jute rope that looks attractive for a storage. Which you can use to put soap under your kitchen sink.

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Square shaped container with the addition of burlap straps wrapped at the storage. Which has uses as a storage for your children’s toys to make it look neat.

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Tubular storage used by hanging to look cool. With a combination of brown burlap straps for a simple decoration.
A round container made of charming white burlap. Which you can use for fruit containers for you to eat.
The combination of the container is wrapped with jute rope that looks cool. You can use it for a dirty cloth container.
Small box-shaped container made of simple brown burlap. What you can use for storing fancy blue napkins.
Tubular and round storage that looks attractive. coupled with an artificial white flower that looks beautiful.
Tubular glass storage that looks cool, but you can combine it with a burlap cord at the bottom of the container.
Interesting simple rectangular container. Which has a function as a good apple fruit container.

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Jute rope is a unique object. This is because this object you can change its function into various kinds. In addition, you can make a cool rustic ornament for Christmas with this jute rope. The thing you need to do is wrap it around a small ball and then use glue to make it more sticky. Or you can also make a star-shaped decoration using this rope.

Decoration made of burlap is used as an enchanting hanger. You can form like stars in the sky.
Brown round ornament that looks simple. But you can add it with a burlap rope tied over the ornament.
Decorative balls that you can make from cool brown jute straps. Then you can combine it with unique shaped motifs.
Star-shaped ornaments and small balls formed as decorations. Then you can add with an extraordinary red ribbon.

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Ornaments shaped like cone towers that look beautiful on the table. What you can make from brown jute straps and add a bit of decoration such as green ribbons and cool bells.

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So with a little creativity, you can turn a jute rope into something cool. There are many things that you can combine with jute rope, for example, are glass, baskets and small balls. Besides that, jute rope is also good for you to make handicraft objects that have high artistic value.

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