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21 Ways to Utilize Unused Wood for Your Rustic Furniture

If you have the unused wood, then it’s better not to throw it away. You can take advantage of these items into something more useful such as creating the adorable DIY rustic stuffs. It takes effort so you can have ‘new stuff’ without having to spend a lot of money. Besides saving, you can also become an environmentally friendly person by recycling wood products. So that no trees must be lost for the sake of new furniture.


In the hands of creative people, something that has no value can be turned into value. You can reuse used wood as a table. An example is using wood pallets. wood pallets are easy to get and of course, wood pallets have cheap prices. Enough wood nails to form a rectangle and resemble a table. Then you can paint it according to taste.

If you have unused wood you can reuse and create them become a table. Use the wood for the surface and for the legs you can use from unused furniture. With the distressed looks, it can create a rustic vibe in your living room.
To get Rustic furniture, you can reuse your wooden pallet and create them become a dining table. Beside the table, you can also use the wood pallet to make the chairs. So, you will get a strong rustic vibe in your home.
Strengthen a Rustic vibe in your home by placing a wooden dining table. You can make the table by yourself. Reuse some unused wood and create them become a table. Completed with modern chairs to get a modern rustic dining room decoration.

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Don’t throw your unused wood and create them become a piece of Rustic furniture. One of them you can create them becomes a table. Place the table in your living room and can be used as a place for flower decoration.
Take advantage of unused wood and create them into Rustic furniture. You can place the table in the backyard to complete your Rustic backyard decoration.
You can create a rustic vibe in your living room by placing rustic furniture. One of them, you can place the table that made from an unused wood pallet. With the characteristic of the distressed look, it can make your living room looks more rustic.
Decorate your dining room with a rustic table made of the unused wood. Use the iron for the legs of the table, so that you will get a rustic vibe in your home.

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The chair is equipment that functions as a seat by people. Chairs have been a part of human life since ancient times. And now people prefer chairs made of wood. The use of wood is based on several factors, one of which is comfort, convenience, and others. The lighter nature of wood, so we can easily move it. For the unique chairs made from used wood, initially only a simple form, namely a seat with a backrest.

Take advantage of unused wood to create a chair is a good idea to get a rustic vibe in your home. Use wooden logs and complete with soft foam to a comfortable feel.
You can use some unused woods to create an item of rustic furniture. One of them, you can create them become a chair. You can place the chair on the terrace and complete your rustic terrace decoration.
To get a piece of rustic furniture, you can take advantage of unused wood. Create them become a chair and you can place it on the porch. Completed with a metal bucket for the planter idea to strengthen the rustic vibe in your home.
Feel free with your unused wood and create them to be a useful item. You can create a rustic chair by using the wood. Even though the chair looks not interesting but has an artistic value.

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If you have the skill to make furniture, you can use unused wood and make them into some chairs. It becomes an interesting project for your home, you will get an item of rustic furniture.

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To get rustic furniture, you can use some wooden logs and create them become a chair. Completed with soft foam to get a comfortable feel while sitting.

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A wooden beam can be used to create rustic furniture. All you need is some wooden beams and use them to make some chairs and a table. Place the furniture in outdoor to complete your fireplace decoration.

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You must have wood that is not used. Instead of continuing to store it without you ever using it and instead of making a messy house, so you need to process it to be useful again. One of the components of a famous and timeless house is a wall shelf. The benefits you get when you make a bookshelf from used goods, in addition to being unique, are also more environmentally friendly than other types of material. Books also need a comfortable haven. If you have a diverse collection of books, place them on a special shelf or cupboard so they are maintained.

An unused wood ladder can be more useful if you can repurpose them for another function. One of them, you can use it for home decoration. Install some string lamps, complete with some jars and snowflake ornaments to enhance your home looks.
Do you need extra storage in your home? You can reuse your old wood ladder to become a storage idea. You can place your goods on it and make your home looks neat.
Enhance your home decor with rustic furniture. One of them you can use old wood ladder for the storage idea. You can use the ladder to store your blanket and place at the corner of your living room.
Need some storage for your ornaments? Maybe you can use an old wood ladder for this idea. Attach the ladder on the wall and you can place your ornaments on it.

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You can also take advantage of an old wood ladder to upgrade your backyard decoration. Hang some flowers on the ladder and it can be used to complete your outdoor party decoration.
Small step ladders work well as nightstands or end tables, but they also make quirky plant stands. To keep your plant stand looking like a designer’s, incorporate plants of varying heights and sizes.
This is the easiest stair decoration project to implement. All you need to do is find an old ladder, lean against the wall, then select the item you want to hang there.

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It is true, there is nothing wrong if you use used wood for firewood. However, it is better if you can use wood waste to increase its economic value. You can use used wood for household furniture. So you can increase the value of used wood, compared to using it as firewood.

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