Hanging plant is a beautiful addition to your space. It draws the eye up and really showcases the plants and also adds an interesting design element. Growing plants in hanging baskets are the same as growing them in grounded pots. Be aware, there are several things to consider protecting your home and plants.

A hanging basket or pot full of soil and plant material can be heavy, so make sure the structure can hold the weight. Protect your floors and furniture; a pot within a pot, the attached tray. Watering your hanging plants is the hardest part; if you have very large, heavy baskets, attach them to a simple pulley system that allows the entire basket to be lowered for watering. If you ready for it, now let’s take a look at these 41 indoor hanging planters you can make yourself at home to find the best hanging planter for your house.

Tiered Hanging Rattan Planter from moetoe

Hanging Planter in the Bedroom from novocom

Hanging Branch Planter Ideas from kknews

Climbing Vine Plants Indoor from novocom

Reuse Hanging Planter Ideas

DIY Hanging Bold Macrame Planter from decomg

High Ceiling Hanging Planter from zhuanlan.zhihu

Hanging Glass Terrarium from abeautifulmess

DIY Hanging Pinecone Succulent from creativelive

Hanging White Pots Planter from decoratorist

Hanging Planter with Chain from decomg

Hanging Black Wire Planter from decoredo

Hanging Chandeliers Planter from novocom

Minimalist Hanging Pot Planter from m.duitang

Timber Hanging Planter

Ceiling Hanging Planter from freshouz

Hanging Plant at the Corner from novocom

Hanging Plant with Pastel Pot Color from thecottagemarket

Hanging Wooden Box Planter Ideas

DIY Hanging Mason Jar Succulent from decoratorist

Hanging Water Drop Planter Pot from apartmenttherapy

DIY Hanging Terrarium with Branch from dekoruma

Hanging Indoor Fern from apartmenttherapy

Hanging Triangle Pots Planter from ya-superpuper

DIY Hanging Vertical Planter from kknews

Hanging Wire Basket Planter from kknews

Hanging Terrarium Planter from shelterness

Hanging Vertical Succulent from novocom

Indoor Vertical Wall Garden from novocom

Various Kinds of Kitchen Plants from novocom

Bedroom Planter Windowsill from novocom

Wall Mounted Glass Planter from rhythmofthehome

Hanging Cooper Pots from sumally

Hexagon Brass Planter from exhibitarchives

Hanging Herb Planter Windowsill from thebirdandhersong

Wall Mounted Succulent Planter from decoredo

Hanging Pot with Greenery Plant from novocom

DIY Macramé Plant Hanger from zhuanlan.zhihu

Hanging Iron Hoop Planter from balconygardenweb

Pine Board Hanging Planter from balconygardenweb

Knotted String Hanging Planter from balconygardenweb

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