One of the best things about DIY is taking something old into something new. It is no surprise that some of your favorite pieces of furniture started out as something else. Over the years, there are so many cool DIY projects where other people converted unexpected things into furniture. Most of them are so cool and unbelievable that we need to share them with you.

From improvised seating and shelving to lamps and outdoor benches, DIY furniture hacks are so impressive. You may already have some pieces to start the project, but if you don’t have any of them, you can buy some cheap furniture at garage sales or thrift stores. Let’s start this project and make some awesome things for your space. See these 44 creative and easy DIY furniture hacks to inspire you.

Repurposed Door Storage Hack from manoalaobra

Minimalist Kitchen Island with Wicker Basket from kitchendecorium

DIY Laundry Cabinet Storage from onechitecture

Woodworking Storage Project from manmadediy

DIY Wooden Ladder Towel from futuristarchitecture

DIY Rustic Key Storage from homystyle

Wall Mounted Storage for Vinyl Rolls from artmyideas

Kitchen Pegboard Storage from reparasiandroid

DIY Pull-out Kitchen Trash from lovelyhomy

DIY Record Player Cabinet from naibann

Modern Farmhouse Cabinet from handmadekultur

DIY Wooden Box Storage

Sewing Machine Table with Storage Drawer from decoratorist

Large Bookshelf Cabinet from decoratorist

DIY Tiered Toys Table from decoratorist

Square Marble Side Table from decoratorist

DIY Round Rack Hack from decoratorist

DIY Rustic Cube Shelves from savvymom

DIY Pallet Crates Storage from skillofking

DIY Craft Wicker Basket from decoratorist

Clothing Storage Hack from lovahomy

DIY Hidden Kitchen Rack from freshouz

Rustic Wood Buffet from consobrico

DIY Pipe Wine Rack Ideas

DIY Standing Wooden Cabinet from leevalley

Cabinet Bookshelf from thecottagemarket

Built-in Cabinet with Pull Out Drawers from mobmasker

Hexagon Wood Pencil Holder from blogarama

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet from designerdreamhomes

DIY White Work Table with Storage from tygertrend

Small Kitchen Island from tygertrend

Wooden Table with Storage Underneath from tygertrend

Wall Mounted Pallet Rack from tygertrend

DIY Wooden Nightstand from tygertrend

DIY Coffee Table with Storage Basket from tygertrend

Tool Garage Organization from mobmasker

DIY Cardboard Dividers from futuristarchitecture

DIY Bathroom Rack Storage from reparasiandroid

Wicker Crate for Towel Storage from goodnewsarchitecture

Filing Cabinet Hack from themummyfront

White Cubby Hack from themummyfront

Wooden Nightstand Hack from themummyfront

DIY TV Stand Hack from themummyfront

Kitchen Island Hack from themummyfront


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