You don’t need to be an experienced plant grower to have beautiful houseplants in your home. You still can plant many things even you are a newbie who knows a little about plantations. But sometimes you are too busy and do not have time to take care of the plants or perhaps you might be a lazy person who is reluctant to grow plants that are difficult to care for. Here are some easiest houseplants that only need low care.

These plants can survive in harsh conditions and they will forgive your neglect and small mistakes. If you forget watering or overwater them or avoid transplanting them, they don’t mind. But remember that there is no plant that is indestructible so you have to give them at least the minimum growing conditions necessary for their survival and they will reward you with beautiful foliage and some might even give you flowers. Take a look at these 61 best indoor plants that you can grow without care.

Indoor Cast Iron Plant from elledecor

Indoor Calathea Medallion Plant from gardenista

Indoor Clivia Plant

Red Shamrock Plant from freshideen

Indoor Floral Ideas

Indoor Mini Succulent Plants from trueplookpanya

Indoor Ficus Plants from inspiringwomen

Indoor Shinny Leave Plant from cotilleando

Hanging Nail Plants Ideas

Indoor Succulents Plant from gardenmanage

Indoor Plant for Side Table Decoration

Hanging Air Plant Ideas

Indoor Orange Orchid from thichtrongcay

Snake Plant at the Corner Room from topdust

DIY Painted Succulent Pots from decomg

Indoor Adiantum Fragrant from comment-economiser

Big Rubber Tree from sweet

Indoor Monstera Plants with White Pot from buzzfeed

Mini Cactus for Window Decor from ludiquecollection

Indoor Lush Greenery Ideas

Indoor Peacock Plant from balconygardenweb

Indoor Plants for Home Decoration from alatgamingmurah

Hanging Nail Plants from apartmenttherapy

Indoor Floral Plant from gardenmanage

Divider Indoor Plants from decoratorist

Indoor Orchids Flower from onechitecture

Hanging Plant for Window Decoration from designenwonen

Knit Baskets for Indoor Plant from dianping

Boston Fern with Modern Pot from freewechat

Indoor Ornamental Plants from decoredo

Snake Plant with Black Sleek Pots from greenaffairsllc

Indoor Monstera Plant from trendehouse

Floating Rack for Indoor Plants from homegue

Calathea Orbifolia Plants

Mini Aloe Vera Ideas

Modern Style for Indoor Plants from nicoledavisinteriors

Rubber Tree Plant with Clay Pot from gardenloka

Indoor Snake Plants from mttmp

Mini Betel Plant from doryfitz

Hanging Betel Ivory from freshideen

Bi Lei Drum for Nightstand Decor from twgreatdaily

Vertical Vines Plants from naibann

Indoor Plant for Coffee Table Decoration from momooze

Corner Tall Plants from trendehouse

Indoor Rubber Plant from apartmenttherapy

Jade Tree Indoor Plant from decomg

Hanging Indoor Plant from cleverbloom

White Pots for Indoor Plant from viajandonoape

Indoor Plants in Wicker Basket from livabl

Indoor Flowerpot from jonesdesigncompany

Indoor Plants with Ceramic Pot from reparasiandroid

Indoor Water Plant from onechitecture

Indoor Plant Container from pinlavie

Areca Palm Plant with Clay Pot from beautystylo

String of Green Pearls on a Bench from homedecomalaysia

Indoor Betel Ivory Plant from healthcarefamilycreditunion

Indoor Ceramic Succulent Plant from decozilla

Gold Pots for Indoor Hanging Plants from decozilla

Wooden Stairs for Hang Indoor Plant from decozilla

Indoor Water Floral from decozilla

Indoor Plant for Bathroom Decoration from decozilla


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