Creating a room in the house to look more beautiful is not only always dependent on the furniture. Moreover, you can make some great DIY crafts from the comfort of your home. I found some great sites such as SVG NANNY that offer optimized SVG cut files for your DIY projects. In addition, making gifts for home decoration has many advantages! Besides being able to stimulate your creativity, making your own home decorations can also amaze your neighbors or friends. For example, you can make crafts in the form of photo frames and attach them to the wall. Or you can make your room more romantic by making crafts using string-light.

Making crafts for home decoration can save you money. In other words, You don’t need expensive and luxurious materials to make the craft. For example, you can simply provide the mirror then decorate that thing using artificial diamonds. Furthermore, you can transform the wall clock into a tool to remind you of beautiful memories. Then the tricks are you need to replace the numbers on the wall clock with photos of your sweet memories.


trash cans from rattan tubular
Small round mirror with beautiful colorful decoration
Simple hanging wooden shelves
Unique photo frames placed on the wall
White and pink plastic containers are hung
Colorful paintings made from cardboard
wooden containers for bath brush equipment placed
A pillow with elegant white and gold decoration
Woodcrafts for home decoration
Mirror box with cute colorful pom pom decoration
Colorful paper cut round for wall decorations
Colorful knit rugs
Photo hangers with string lights
The photo frame is integrated with glass cups for containers
wooden planks that are painted and used to put things
Colorful wood crafts on the wall
Paper crafts that are formed in a pentagon for wall decoration

image source

Photo applied for wall decoration
Door decoration made of paper and given a black decoration
Photos formed to resemble a wall clock
Photo frames that are modified so that it looks unique
A colored paper stationery container
Garnish using a spoon colored red for a small round mirror
Red artificial roses for pillows
Wooden planks craft in red heart-shaped decorations
String lights for bedroom curtains
Pink knitting and flowers
Colorful string globe light decoration
Pink hanger for your white potted plants
Crafted white-board with colorful little heart decorations
Decoration of colorful paper that is hung and cut in a half-circle

image source

Crafts for home decoration has a variety of shapes. In addition, one of the simple crafts is to use photos of your memories. In making it, you only need to provide photos, paper, and glue. Place the photo in your room, so you can smile before you go to sleep. Another decoration that is also suitable for home decoration is the globe light string. Then you can use cotton twine or some other type of string which isn’t too thick. You’ll also need craft glue, spray paint, and a few hooks.

You don’t need to be a professional painter to make wall hangings. What you need are your creativity and effort. In order to make wall decorations with the theme of love, you can simply provide a white wooden board. Then you can put a colorful, heart-shaped paper on the board. Hopefully, our wallpaper can provide inspiration in making crafts for your home decor.

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