Puppet is an object that can not be separated from young children and puppets are one of the items that must be owned by kids. Puppets have a cute shape. Dolls also have colors that can attract the attention of children. To make the children become creative, we can invite them to make dolls. Materials that can be used to make doll crafts include flannel cloth, paper, socks, etc.

We can make simple cute dolls using paper. The craft of paper is suitable for elementary school children because it is very simple and very easy to make. Teaching them to make simple dolls from used paper will help them in their psychological development. Paper dolls help to increase children’s creativity in playing role play. One of the forms of paper craft that can be made is in the form of insects. Colorful cute insects will make your child happy in making and playing with it.

Classic Craft Making Paper Bag Puppets.
Craft Brown Bear Puppet Craft.
Craft Bugs Clothespin Puppets.
Craft Chompin’ Shark Puppet.
Craft Community Helper Puppets.
Craft Felt Finger Puppets.
Craft Galloping Finger Zebra Puppet.
Craft Paper Roll Seahorse Puppets.
Craft Puppy Dog Pals Puppets.
Craft Sew Horse Puppet.
Craft Silly Paint Smash Monster Puppets.

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Bunny Hand Puppets.
Craft Paper Finger Puppet.
Butterfly Paper Hand Puppet.
Cereal Box Turkeys Puppets.
Craft Paper Hand Puppets.
Craft Puppy Dog Pals Puppets.
Craft Raurinde The Puppet Princess.
Craft Craft Stitch and Glue Monkey Hand Puppet.
Craft Waldorf Inspired Glove-puppets.
Craft DIY Muppet Puppet.
Craft Felt Puppets.
Craft Finger Puppet Craft.
Craft Finger Puppets Red’s Grandma.
Craft Giraffe Sock Puppet.
Craft big head puppet doll.
Craft Monster Sock Puppet.
Craft Old Macdonald Puppet.
Craft Own Dog Puppet.
Craft Paper Cone Finger Puppets.

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Another material that can be made into dolls is socks. Making hand puppets with socks is a classic and fun way. You do not need to have special expertise in making dolls from this sock material, because it’s not difficult and it is very simple. Even from a pair of used socks, you can make penguins, rabbits, snowman dolls and even hand puppets. Dolls can help develop children’s imaginative and improvised stories in a safe way and also help them to explore a variety of emotions and scenarios. Children don’t even realize that they are doing all that learning.

Dolls are the best way for children to get ingenious and creative characters! Storytelling is a big part of childhood and will be very fun and easy with dolls. That is why we have to provide dolls for them and it will be more fun if we participate in making these dolls.

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