Christmas is going to be here soon! Related to that, having such a good Christmas decoration is really worthy since it will be the most special celebration of the year. Moreover, if you can provide that kind of decoration, then you will be able to strengthen Christmas spirit into your home. Even more, it will be quite valuable for sure which is prove how you really give an effort for the holy celebration.

Basically there are so many kinds of Christmas decoration that you could do. The most popular that can represent the event will be Santa figure. Consequently, you should be able to bring Santa into your home decoration. The good thing of it is that you can do it your self by having some DIY craft project of it. Here, you can plan to have the easy DIY so that you can make your Santa craft together with your kids which is really fun.

Pine Santa Craft

For your advice, pine can be the most appropriate material to create your Santa craft. As it is known that pine is closely related with Christmas and easy to find in winter. That is why beside for its impression, it is also cheap and easy as you can really make use of pines. The Santa pine craft below is decorated with some colors to really represent the Santa look. It might be a little bit complicated for your kids but it is really awesome. Do it by completing each other!

In this pine craft, the body part might not really look alike with the real Santa. However, this Santa craft design has its own uniqueness. Look at the body part of the Santa that is sprinkled with snow illusion.

The last Santa craft design that we have here is quite different with the others. This time, the Santa doesn’t have body part where here the pine is used as the head. However, it is quite simple and easy to be done. Try it!

Dough Santa Craft

It seems like dough is something that kids really love. From that fact, you can make the DIY Santa craft by using the dough. For more fun activity, form the dough to be you kids’ hand mold. When you have finished it, then decorate the mold with colors. Don’t forget to paint the Santa face. Have fun!

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Cotton Santa Craft

For the material reason, this cotton Santa craft might will be the easiest. Not only for that, if it is looked from the design and how complicated the product is made, you’ll find that it is really easy. You can apply this design for your toddler since the design will match with toddler’s capability.

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Popsicles Stick Santa Craft

Grab a few popsicles and you can make so many different Christmas crafts. The small Popsicle stick is the perfect craft material for kids because it is something familiar for them. Moreover, Popsicle stick is also safe that won’t hurt your kids fingers. The following Popsicle Santa craft made with cotton as the additional material.

The following Santa craft might be a little bit complicated for the design. It uses more imagination and skill to create the Santa head shape. The interesting thing here is that you can make the beard by using the sticks. Commonly, the sticks are forming the basic shape but here, you’ll see that the sticks are not too big to shape the beard. Don’t forget to add color and give the face an expression to make it look more authentic.

This Christmas popsicle stick ornament is very easy to make and very fun to put together. You can easily make this ornament by adding a few threads to the back. With only a few supplies, you can turn popsicle sticks into this fun and festive Christmas ornament by using colorful soft fabrics, beads, and small ropes.

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Just like the other popsicle Santa craft, this is made with simple beads, recycled pop wood, cotton, beads, building cords, buttons and paper, these can also be used as ornament. You can apply it into your Christmas tree or any spot in your house that may possible.

image source

To make it easy, the first thing that you should do is deciding on what materials that you will use for your Santa craft. Related to the difficulty level that you should fulfill, better for you to choose the easy materials that are familiar for your kids. Just like what we have above, we only use popsicle stick which is really cheap and easy to form. Then, you can have pines since that will be really easy to find outside in winter. Add the other accessories based on your needs.

To make your Santa crafts look more impressive, you have to make sure that you use some colors that indicate Santa characteristic. For example, you can use red, green, white, or black. Due to the colors combination, you can apply it by using our references as your example. Again, in choosing the right design, you have to adjust it with your kids’ capability and age.

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