If you have a hobby of gardening or you want to fill spare time by planting something, then you will definitely like the creative craft ideas of potted plants. Most people use conventional pots as a place to plant. But you can use some of these secondhand items for you to create into plant pots. Very unique and cool! The results? you can later use it to decorate the room as well.

For those of you who want simple but not boring nuances, try to use color variations as shown below. Simple shape, elongated round like a pot in general. However, you can add colorful paint accents. You can also wrap it with typical Bohemian lace decorations. You can use the used soda bottles piled up in the kitchen as a plant pot. Don’t forget to paint the bottle first so your planter looks good.


A simple planter design by painting a slightly faded white and combined with a pattern inspired by agricultural design makes this pot more beautiful.

Choose a basic color to make this pot beautiful, after that combine it with gold to make it more elegant.

wrap your planter in patterned paper to make it look attractive

If you like a complicated design to make a different planter this pattern might be your choice. having a white base color combined with various colors makes for an outstanding display.

If you want this beautiful planter, you can just provide a clay pot and some colorful paint.

If you want to make a different planter decoration, prepare a clay pot and paint the writing on the outside of the pot to make it more interesting.

Making crafts from pots is really delicious. there are many design choices that you might be able to emulate, this time we made a patterned design like a boutique fabric to inspire you.

The planter design is very cute, this time we just played paint colors to make it more amazing. succulent plant to make this planter more perfect.

This clay planter is inspired by a bohemian design that has beautiful patterns. Wrapped in lace makes these pots look attractive.

This time the elegant planter design with gold color wrapped around it. meanwhile, if you want more appearance, you just need to give the pattern you want.

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Make a triangular planter to make your walls look not empty. choose the color that you like to make this planter more perfect.

The shape of the hexagonal planter this time was made to make the walls of your house look attractive. you can make it use materials that are not easily damaged so that it can be used forever.

This time we made a planter out of wood, using a wooden block with a hole in it to place the plant. this planter is suitable to be placed on the wall in your home.

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Make a planter made from used plastic bottles. Then paint the bottle with your favorite color

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Prepare a glass to make a simple planter but can make your room look amazing. This time we suck it with a rope tied at the top to get a beautiful look.

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Make your planter look cute with a tassel attached to this do pot. choose the color of the yarn you like and tie this yarn to make a cute tassel.

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If you are a fan of small plants, maybe this craft planter is suitable for your plants. meanwhile, painting strange paintings that surround the planter is able to make your plants more enchanted.

If you like hanging plants, maybe the craft of rope that has been sprayed with paint is your choice.

Combine the planter with a cool photo to make it look more varied and perfect

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Pieces of bamboo can also be a beautiful planter, arrange these pieces of bamboo vertically to get a look that can make your room look natural.

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Use a used pipe that you have painted as a beautiful planter

You can turn this plastic bottle into a funny planter. Cut a portion of the bottle to the face that looks like this animal. After that to get the perfect look on the bottle, paint a face that resembles a cat.

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Ropes can indeed be your choice for decorating your planters. make this white rope into a different color to get a beautiful pattern.

Using a tin can be tied with a brown rope that can be a planter that you need to try. To make the room in your house more elegant. moreover, combined with these blooming flowers makes a beautiful appearance.

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For small plants that have a lightweight or plants growing up, you should choose a glass-shaped pot. You also only need to decorate it in a simple way. Just giving ribbon or string decoration to the glass. Another idea you can try is to make hanging plant pots. You just simply wrap the pot with a rope then spray with your favorite paint.

You don’t always need to leave the potted plants functional without adding aesthetic value to the room. Not only filling the pot with beautiful plants, but you can also put it in the room along with other decorations. Thus, the room of the house not only looks beautiful but also more lively and natural. Recycling or reusing your existing items is a brilliant idea. You can create a room at home or your environment with the Go Green concept.

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