The winter goes by the time and spring will come with its color and happiness. If you are blessed with a spacious backyard, creating an outdoor umbrella will be much more fun. It will protect your skin from the direct sunlight that too intense. Here we have DIY outdoor umbrella ideas that easy to follow. Check out our lists below and choose the most proper one for your backyard!

DIY Planter Umbrella Stand Tutorial

If the wind blows too hard this season, you can create this planter umbrella. Made of concrete, this umbrella looks sturdy and stable. So, no matter how hard the wind, it will not be fallen. Moreover, if you have many kids and or pets who love to play around, the umbrella is safe enough. Furthermore, you can add more plants as well.

DIY Umbrella Plant Stand

To get this look, you can buy a large galvanized bucket into your backyard. It can be used to put on some plants as well as merely herbs, green plants, or flowers. If you don’t have any plants you can use the fake one to fill the empty space of the bucket. Choose an umbrella with a bold color to look more interesting.

DIY Playful Patio Umbrella

What about this backyard decoration? It looks so charming because of the umbrella with long fringe and pretty painting. It gives such a boho feel with cute patterns and sweet pastel colors. It is actually only a usual umbrella but the owner improves it looks beautiful. What a great DIY is this!

DIY Painted Umbrella With Pom Pom

Upgrade your umbrella look with some stencil will create such an interesting umbrella like this picture. It has beautiful patterns and colorful pompom trim. Pay attention to your umbrella color before deciding what patterns will be added. This simple DIY project can be done even for a DIY newbie.

DIY Painted Pattern Patio Umbrella

Take your umbrella, make sure that it is in a bright color, or white, or beige. So, you can easily add some painted patterns with colorful touches. You are free to choose the patterns but these rectangular shapes are nice too. It hides the people underneath and they can enjoy your patio without being afraid of the UV light.

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