Who doesn’t like Popsicle? It seems like this cold and sweet beverages is indeed liked by many people. However, have you ever thought that part of the Popsicle, the stick, can be used for something else? For example made into home decoration such as frames or even toys for our children? Popsicle sticks can indeed be used for a number of handicrafts and can hone our children’s creativity. The following article will discuss about 20 Creative DIY Popsicle Stick Craft Ideas.

Popsicle Stick Ornament

Have you ever thought about turning your used popsicle stick into an attractive ornament such as wall hangings, jewelry ornaments, lighting fixtures and the like? All you have to do is collect the popsicle sticks then wash them all. After that, dry it until it is completely dry. This is the time for you to make origins with popsicle sticks according to your creativity. You can add coloring to make it more attractive and also glue to make it easy to install each other. Using popsicles as ornaments at home gives a unique and interesting impression.

Best DIY Popsicle Stick as a round mirror frame for wall decoration in your room
creative chandelier from Popsicle Stick to keep the light from radiating everywhere and create good lighting
creative colorful popsicle stick design to decorate your window like a curtain
Creative DIY Popsicle Stick in hexagon shape and it used to store house plants
Creative DIY wall clock from Popsicle Stick material for decorating your living room
creative Popsicle Sticks are shaped like snow to decorate your walls to celebrate this season
DIY popsicle stick Ornament to store some jewelry to make it more neat
simple DIY popsicle stick Ornament formed phone stand you must have
Unique placemat cup from a handmade Popsicle Stick by yourself
wall decorations with popsicle stick ornaments to beautify your room

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Popsicle Stick Toys

Besides being able to be formed into an attractive and beautiful ornament, popsicle sticks can also be made into a toy for small children. Using the same method and also requires high creativity, of course. All you have to prepare is a popsicle stick and coloring to make it more attractive. In addition you also need additional materials such as scissors, yarn, or glue. In accordance with what you make. After that you only have to make what you want. Like for example making it a hand fan, toy cars with additional tapes or even pinball toys.

Creative harmonica from Popsicle Stick and added accessories for additional decoration
DIY Popsicle Stick Toys as a hand fan with additional material from paper
Popsicle Stick Toy shaped ballerinas for your girls’ toys
simple Popsicle Stick Toys with hockey sticks and shirt buttons as a ball

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creative archery tool made from popsicle stick material and suitable for your child’s simple toy
creative Long Car from Popsicle Stick with CD cassette as a wheel to inspire your child’s toys
miniature skateboard from Popsicle Stick to play with just using your fingers
Popsicle Stick Toys with cardboard for the pinball arena for your inspiration
Popsicle Stick Toys with puppets and Popsicle Stick as a buffer to perform the role of the doll
toys for your child with Popsicle Stick material in the form of a racing car and the tires are plastic

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The two ways above you can be applied according to your creativity. It would be better if you made it with your child or your younger sibling to hone their creativity by utilizing the objects around them to become an interesting craft or toy.

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