Spread holiday cheer with these creative, sweet and simple handmade gifts for friends. Make your own gift toppers to humble the gift package. A paper Straw Christmas tree; use a pencil to draw a triangle shape, cut paper straws , adhere with hot-glue and weave a piece of string down the length of tree and adhere it with dots along the way. Or make a yarn pom-pom; twirl yarn around four fingers 50 times, cut it and slide loop off fingers, making sure that it doesn’t unravel and cinch at middle with yarn.

If you’re not the type to be good at crafts, another great gift idea is to curate a gift box for your family or friend. For example, you could assemble a care package for someone who’s going through a tough time or put together a custom alcohol gift basket for your friend’s housewarming party. For someone a foodie who loves to try snacks from other countries, you could get a curated Japanese snack box for their special day. The gift items may not be made by you, but your present is guaranteed to let your giftee know that you care for them. 

Make a snow globe cookie jar using a fine-tipped brush to paint small white dots on the outside of the jar and fill bottom of the jar with snowball cookies, place small plastic trinkets inside for a snow globe-inspires vignette. Don’t forget to tie gift tag to jar with ribbon. Another great ideas is take a plain pillow and simply wrapping it like a present; add a sprig of greenery of a festive ornament for an extra bit of flourish. See more inspiring DIY Christmas gift below.

You can use fresh flowers and plants to make Christmas gits. Arrange the flowers and plants into the box so that it will present a beautiful and neat appearance. This one Christmas gift idea is suitable for your friend. Fresh Flower and Plant Christmas Gift from @kondo3.

These hot chocolate sets are suitable for Christmas gift ideas. Here you can wrap it using a reindeer theme so it will make it look adorable. The mini bow that adorns this gift looks very beautiful. Hot Chocolate Sets Gift from @jasminecoicou.

You can arrange some Christmas gifts in a wicker basket to make it look neater and more attractive. Then you can decorate it with bows and ribbons so it looks very beautiful. This one gift idea is perfect for your friend. Basket Arrangement Gift from @the_tiny_farm_house.

This mug will be an interesting gift for your best friend. Arrange evergreens, berries and other ornaments into this gift mug to make it look more beautiful and festive. Then you can decorate it with ribbon so it looks perfect. Mug Gift from @oxana.jr.

The white chocolate made with this DIY project is perfect for a Christmas gift idea. Now you can put it in a jar to make it safer and keep it fresh. Then you can decorate with red ribbon so it will look festive. White Chocolate Christmas Gift from @elenarflores.

Instead of buying at the store, you can make your own brownies at home for Christmas gift ideas. Then you can put it in a glass jar and decorate it with a red ribbon so it will look more beautiful and attractive. Brownies Christmas Gift from @sweetphiblog.

This Christmas gift is called bottle lighting! Made by DIY project will make it look very beautiful and creative. Now you can decorate it with a pink bow on the front so it will make it look more beautiful and attractive. Personalized Bottle Light Gift from @myprettylittlecreations.

These homemade pancakes have several color combinations that will make them look attractive. Arranged into a box and decorated with red ribbon so that it will make it look more beautiful and neat so it will never fail for a gift idea. Pancake Gift from @noa_gift__.

This snow globe is made with a DIY project using a glass jar so it will present a creative and inspiring display. Decorated with bows and fairy lights, this snow globe would make a perfect Christmas gift idea. Lighted Snow Globe Christmas Gift from @effie_farm.

Prepare a box containing pieces of white paper in advance! Then proceed to arrange the baking tools on it to make it look more beautiful and attractive. And this box is ready for you to pass on to your friends as a Christmas Gift. Baking Tools from @postmygift.


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