With the right garden design, you not only get a beautiful and refreshing visual but can also create the space for various activities to suit your needs. Not only should the interior, but the exterior of the house also be considered. The back, front, or side garden that arranged nicely will make the house more beautiful. Looking at the green leaves and blooming flowers is also good for releasing exhaustion after working all day. Garden can be a land for us to express and practice skills in landscaping and how to present beauty. To bring nature into your home, one of the easiest and the cheapest ways to do this is to use River rocks decorations.

Small river stones are easily transformed into a variety of decorations. You can also combine it with other elements such as wood and plants. To decorate the garden with river rocks, it’s very easy because you can make the stone as a filler for empty space there. Instead of just leaving the ground just like that, you can put river rocks as a ground cover. You can also use the stone to give partition to the plants that you have. The plants chosen for matching with river rocks are usually not lush plants. Cactus, Cambodia, Japanese Bamboo, and similar plants are the right choices to complement the river rocks garden. Putting river rocks as a dividing line into your house will also add to the aesthetics of a place. You also don’t need to set it one by one, just put it randomly and you just need to flatten it. Use every clever way above to beautify the feel of your garden by using river rocks which are most often used on the outside of the house, especially in the garden. Below are some pictures of river stone decorations that can be your inspiration. Good luck!

Beautiful small rock gardens

Decorate with rocks

Decorate your home with river rocks

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Garden landscaping ideas with rock

Garden landscaping ideas

Home exterior decorating with with river rocks

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Simple front yard landscaping ideas with river rocks


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