Are you getting confused about finding an artistic ornament for your door in spring? You may try to use a wreath as it can beautify the look of your front door. A wreath is also used as a symbol that Christmas is getting closer. You can get any kind of wreath from the nearest florist. But, in spring, there are many plants that grow well if you want to make a DIY wreath to decor your doors. At Christmas, a wreath usually matches with garland and a Christmas tree. But, in spring you can explore your creativity to make your own wreath.

Since flowers and leaves are so beautiful in spring, you can make them as the material for making wreaths. A colorful flowery wreath that is hanging on the door will give a fresh and pleasant impression for those who see it. Some kinds of flower-like daisies and sun flower are good to be put around your wreath. Besides, you can have an aster as well to decorate your wreath since it symbolizes great affection and respect toward others. Furthermore, if you like simpler design, you can make a wreath from leaves only. To beautify a leaf wreath, you may just put a red ribbon to match the color combination. The anti-mainstream wreath is made from fruits and leaves, such as lemon and its leaves. The advantage of using natural material is that it is fresh and has a unique concept. It also presents and describes a spring theme. On the other hand, using natural material does not last too long. It only reminds less than a week. It is possible to get withered soon. To avoid your wreath getting withered soon, you can sprinkle some water every morning and afternoon on your wreath. Below are the examples of spring wreath you can take. We wish you had a wonderful time in spring, everybody!

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