Porch and patio will always be the extra space for your home that will be very useful to enjoy the moment with your family, friends, and the loved ones. You can enjoy the warm weather on summer, having a barbecue party, or setting a romantic dinner with your closest one. In hence, if you have extra space in your back yard or front yard, don’t waste this cance, go find things to create your gorgeous porch or patio, in case you have own it, update it into a prettier one will never be too vain.

When creating a porch and patio, you can design it based on your home style, or if you wanna have another one, you can simply add the touch of the style you want without rule out your home style so that it won’t look too contrast. When it comes to Spring, you can giving the touch by changing your throw pillows to the florals pillow case and add some blooming into your area around the porch or patio. On Fall, add some pumpkin ornament, decorative candle, wreath, and any other Fall things. Apply the characteristic touch the same way for the other seasons. Don’t forget for the lighting, hang a timeless pendant light to polish things off. Or, if you mostly love to spend your time on your patio or porch at night, you can add extra lighting around your porch, on the garden tree near the porch, above the roof, and any other possible spot. Try to start your porch and patio project from now on. Look at the pictures on the rest of this page, and get some more inspirations. Good luck!

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