Don’t ever waste your mason jar since it can be juggled into varied pretty and useful things. From the ornament, lighting, container, vase, and many more. What you need to do is just find the right materials to be the additional material in doing the DIY mason jar projects. You can use fabric, beads, ribbon, and other accessories. Or, you can also simply paint it if you have the ability in painting. 

Additionally, in deciding the utilization of the jar, you can consider the additional materials that you have or possible to buy. For example, you can make the fairy lamp if it is possible for you to provide the string lamp. Here are some easy ideas on how to make your mason jar into something new which is useful.

Tree patterned Mason Jar from Thistinybluehouse

DIY Mason Jar Craft from Thistinybluehouse

Patterned Mason Jars with Ribbon from Thistinybluehouse

Grey Knit Covered Mason Jars from Diyjoy

Gold Mason Jars Vase from Diyjoy

Heart Mason Jars from Diyjoy

Glitter Mason Jars from Pickledbarrel

Glass Mason Jars with Rope from Pickledbarrel

DIY Pumpkins Mason Jars from Pickledbarrel

White Painted Mason Jars from Pickledbarrel

Mason Jar with String Light from Pickledbarrel

DIY Turkey Mason Jar from Localadventurer

Glitter Shamrock Mason Jar from Mom4real

Floral Mason Jar Craft from Designimprovised

Lace Mason Jar from Hometalk

Gold Mason Jar white Black Ribbon from Ideasdecor24

Knit Flower Mason Jars from Ideasdecor24

Mason Jar Lighting from Ideasdecor24

Beautiful Solid Colored Mason Jars from Youandkids

Breathtaking Heart And Bow Mason Jars from Youandkids

Cute Love Themed Glittery Mason Jars from Youandkids

Jute Thread Mason Jar Vase from Youandkids

DIY Handprint Mason Jar Vase from Youandkids

Sunflower Painted Jars from Youandkids

Triple Toned Mason Jar from Youandkids

Snowflake Mason Jars Craft from Sugarbeecrafts

Black Mason Jars with Heart Accent from Diycraftland

Fairy Mason Jar from Farmfoodfamily

Rabbit Mason Jar from Homebnc

Burlap Covered Mason Jars from Homebnc

from Mason Jar Shell Vase from Diyjoy

Striped Mason Jar from Diyjoy

Burlap Mason Jar Vase from Diyjoy

Copper Mason Jar Vase with Burlap Flowers from Diyjoy

Embellished Mason Jar Vase from Diyjoy

DIY Mercury Glass Mason Jar Vase from Diyjoy

Burlap Mason Jar Vase from Diyjoy

Frosted Halloween Mason Jars from Architectureartdesigns

Handcrafted Halloween Mason Jar Lantern from Architectureartdesigns

Jack-O Lantern Mason Jar from Architectureartdesigns

 Colorful Glitter Mason Jars from Diytomake

Knit Mason Jar from Diytomake

Mason Jar Fall Decor from Diytomake

Cute Mason Jar Craft from Diytomake

Glass Beads Mason Jar from Trendir

Light Centerpiece from Trendir

Mason Jars with Lights from Trendir

Red and Green Hand-painted Christmas Mason Jars from Trendir

Mason Jar with Pinecone Branch from Trendir

Beaded Mason Jar from Hometalk

Creative Beach Mason Jar from Apumpkinandaprincess

Acrylic Mason Jar With Ribbon from Homebnc

Shell Mason Jar from Homebnc

Chicken wired Utensil Holders from Homebnc

Decorative Mason Jar with Lace and Rope from Homebnc

Rope Covered Mason Jar from Homebnc

Fairy Lights Mason Jar from Homebnc

Green Mason Jar vase from Homebnc

Creative and Customizable Jar Covers from Homebnc

Experimentation Mason Jar With Colors and Shapes from Homebnc

Painted Mason Jar from Homebnc

Colorful Mason Jar from Homebnc

Red Mason Jar Candle Holder  from Homebnc

Star Mason Jar from Diytomake 

Autumn Leaf Jars Candle Holder from Diytomake

Painted Mason Jar Flower Vases from Diytomake

Glitter Star Mason Jar from Diytomake

Blue Mason Jar Bathroom Set from Diytomake

Pink Mason Jar Flower Vases from Diytomake

DIY Mason Jar Snowman from Diytomake

Lace Mason Jar from Diytomake

Nautical Mason Jars with Shell from Diytomake

Pumpkin Mason Jar Craft from Rufflesandrainboots

DIY Mason Jar Lamp from Diyjoy

Mason Jar Lighting from Diyjoy

Floral Mason Jar from Diyjoy

Mason Jar Memories With Rope from Diyjoy

Mason Jar Lantern With Shells from Diyjoy

Nautical Mason Jar Lantern from Diyjoy

Painted Mason Jar from Diyjoy

Polka Dot Mason Jar Vase from Diyjoy

Blue LED Mason Jar Ambience Lamp from Hative

Colorful Mason Jar Candle Holder from Hative

Masson Jar Lighting from Hative

Knit Covered Mason Jars from Hative

DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lantern from Hative

Bird Feeders from Hative

Cat Mason Jars from Hative

Red Jack-O Masson Jar from Hative

Mason Jar Craft of Piggy Bank from Hative

Brocade Covered Mason Jar from Hative

Snowman Mason Jar from Hative

Snowman Candle Holder from Hative

Textile Covered Mason Jars from Hative

Peeps Mason Jars from Crazylaura

DIY Scarecrow Mason Jar from Crazylaura

Trolls Mason Jars from Crazylaura

Cute Painted Mason Jars from Crazylaura

Handprint Mason Jar from Crazylaura

Superhero Mason Jars from Crazylaura


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