Toys are something important for your kids, beside for their fun activity needs, it also related to the positive stimulation that they can get from their toys. Without being realized, toys take important role for your kids’ skill development, that is why you need to provide lot of toys for your kids so that they can grow well. Since each kind of toys provide different advantage, make sure that you give them enough variation of it.

In case toys are not cheap and you will need lot of budget to fulfill your kids’ needs of it, then you should do something to make it not too burden you, and one of the way will be doing some DIY toys project. It is such a great idea to do the DIY toys because you can save your money and stimulate your kids creativity by creating the toys together. Moreover, having a quality time with your kids to do the DIY is really worthy.

Toys that are recommended for children should be not only fun but also safe to play. With the shape of a house using cardboard material, your child can play safely and happily. You can forming the cardboard box by cutting it into the shape of a house and creating the door and windows so that it could be really look alike with a real house.

There are many types of toys that you can make for your child including the cartoon figure that they watch at the TV. Let say for this cute toy in white unicorn shape with a colorful rainbow hair color. By cutting the paper into a horse shape, forming colored paper into small pieces and then pinning it according to your own design then your pretty cute unicorn is ready!

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This DIY toys will be suitable both for girls and boys because these days, there are no limitation in gender for cooking things. You can make a cooking machine from cardboard and cooking utensils as well that are colored to make it looks more real. This toys are really worthy to make your kids learning and playing at the same time.

It is really relieved to see your kids happy with their toys. In case your kids love pets, you can make them simple toys from cardboard that is shaped into dog ​​house and coated with color paper to make it more attractive then glue it so it sticks well. This is a very simple toys but really worthy to make your kids happy and build their concern with animals.

There are some variations of toys that you can give to your kids. For example you can make a train-shaped toy by using cardboard. Prepare the cardboard and cut into pieces to form the body. Make the lattice by stick it with glue and don’t forget to make the wheels. This DIY train toy is really awesome.

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Beside for the indoor DIY toys, you can also make an outdoor play ground so that your children can play outside and get their physical outdoor activities to stimulate their motor skills. You can create a small sand play ground in white painted wood. Form it into square shaped then fill it with sand and add with some toys to play with the sand.

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This one is an oven toy that is really simple and quite easy to be made. You can use your shoes box and cut it a little bit to form the oven door. Add with colorful paper to form the oven buttons. This oven toy can educate your child to enjoy cooking which is really great.

This castle cardboard toy is really awesome. You can use the cardboard and paint it into colors to provide the proper castle design look. Add with small figures to strengthen the impression of the castle.

Create this stove that including the oven by using your big cardboard. It will look like a professional stove that is really used to cook. Add it with your kid’s toys at home to make it perfect. The button for the drawer will make it looks real and awesome.

This DIY TV is really adorable and we do guarantee that it could impress your kids. You can make it by using cardboard boxes and paint it to make the form of televisions. Add the button to create the buttons of an old television.

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For the material, you can get it from the things that already exist in your house. From all of the possible material, cardboard will be the easiest to be found and each of you may have it in your house. Again, cardboard is really multi functional and flexible that can be formed into so many different creations. You can see from our collection that there are so many interesting DIY toys that you can make both for your girls and boys.

The other easy and affordable DIY toys are those that are made of wooden pallet. The material is cheap but you may need certain effort to do the DIY because you have to nail it down since wood can’t be put together just by using glue. You may need some helps to nail it then you can paint it yourself. Don’t forget to ask your kids to join with you and make some fun together.

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