Gardening is one of the relaxing activities that almost everyone loves it. However, it needs proper gardening tools. Whenever the tools are old or damaged, those will not be so easy to use any more. Then, you have to replace them with the new one. Further, throwing away your old gardening tools will create such a big waste. So, why don’t you repurpose them into new things? Let us see our lists below that may inspire you more.

Garden Tool Table and Chairs

Garden tool table and chairs

So perfect! How can the creator have a great idea like this? See the table and chairs that so awesome. Repurposing old garden tools is not easy but this idea is pretty cool. So, if you love something industrial and rustic, these chairs and the table will you like most.

Rustic Tray

Rustic pieces

Look at this rustic tray with shovel handle that so unique. The owner puts some pots of succulent. Put this tray in the garden or on the outdoor table. The shape is attractive with some distressed parts that so industrial.

New Bird Feeders

New bird feeders

Don’t throw your old shovels! Those gardening tools will be more useful when you repurpose them into the new items. Look at this picture, the creator uses the old shovelheads as bird feeders. What a cool idea, isn’t it?

A Wine Glass Rack

A wine glass rack

What do you think about this glass rack? This is a truly cool idea to repurpose a garden rake as a new wine glass rack. Hang the head of the garden rake on the wall of your kitchen. Then, attach some wine glasses. Voila, it looks so nice.

Create A Spring Wreath

This spring, creating a wreath is a nice idea. If you have an old garden hose that is no longer need, repurpose it into a spring wreath. Add a ribbon and faux flowers. Then, hang it in the front door. This creative idea will not cost much.

A New Cool Floor Lamp

A new cool floor lamp

Paint your old shovel in white to cover the distressed part. Make it stand by adding a third leg with wire. Then, add a bulb on the head of the shovel. You will get a new floor lamp for your room.

Address Marker From Old Shovel

Address marker from old shovel

This address marker looks so industrial with grey color. The numbers are white, so people will easy to see from a far distance. Put it in the front yard to show your house number.

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