It is true that cats love to scratch on a tree or other rude surfaces. They do it to make their nails sharp and to exercise. One more cute thing that cats do is hiding in a secluded area. That’s why the kids love them. Cats look so cute when they play. However, do your cats already have a place to sleep and scratch? It will be nice to give them a sleeping and playing area. Let us see this DIY cat tent that lets a cat play and hide.

Cool diy cat tent that easy to make 1

Of course, in the first step, you have to gather the materials. Get them from the nearest store in your city. You will need two pieces of plywood. Don’t prepare carpet remnant and row that later will be used for scratching. Then, a hot glue gun, jigsaw, and drill. These materials are what you need to craft a cat tent.

Cool diy cat tent that easy to make 3

Make a line with a pencil in one of the boards. should be 7 inches down from the center point to one edge of the board. Then, by using a drill make a hole between two lines. In this way, you have to be more careful to keep the outer edge.

Cool diy cat tent that easy to make 4

After that, take your jigsaw to cut along the marked line till 3/8 inches slot to the center point. Make it smooth with sandpaper. Then, do the same ways the second plywood. It will need some hours for all to get a cute tent for your cat.

Cool diy cat tent that easy to make 5

The next step will not be so hard. You need to cut the carpet remnant and attach it to one side of the first plywood by using hot glue. Later on, it will be the scratching space for the cat. This is a piece of cake to make.

Cool diy cat tent that easy to make 6

Then, you need to layer the rope for the second plywood and glue it to secure. This part will be the next scratching space for the cat. So, it will play in its own tent happily. Can you imagine how cute your cat will be?

Cool diy cat tent that easy to make 7

Now, it is time to attach one another plywood into an unfinished X shape. Then, add a dangling toy underneath to let your kit sleep. See how the cat in this picture plays its leg in the scratching area. Isn’t it look so cute?


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