Not only for the boho home decoration, you can also apply the boho style into your fashion such as the accessories. It is known that boho style has the unique and artistic look to give you such an adorable look. In this case, the accessories that mostly loved and possible to be made with DIY boho craft projects are the earring, necklace, and bracelet.


For the earring, you should use the wire, silver, or any possible material to attach it into the ear. Then, for the beauty you can use the beads, rhinestone, or tassel. If you want the festive look, simply use the colorful material because it will absolutely stand out. But, in case you don’t want to look too festive, simply use one single color scheme in pretty design.

Boho DIY copper and pearl earrings are perfect since it has the old yet luxurious impression that you’ll definitely love.
If you have beads, you can make a tassel earring just like this picture. The red color will make your style looks beautiful and appealing.
Make the DIY beaded tassel earring to make your style looks beautiful. The white beads will give you the calm yet glorious impression.
Make these braided DIY earrings to be the compliment for your boho clothes. With the colorful rope, you will make a really beautiful earrings.
Making the DIY boho earrings in gold wire will be a really stand out one. Then, the black beads give the fierce yet luxury impression.
These beautiful DIY crystal tassel earrings are simple and easy to make for beginners. Pair it with your boho clothes.
These DIY boho earrings made of wood with elegant motifs will make your style more perfect.

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Necklace will be the next accessory that could be made with the DIY project. It will be more wide than the earring indeed for the designs and materials. You can even use the chain, yarn, or beads for the main necklace. Then, for the additional ornament for the necklace, you can utilize more wider choice. Check out these following design references.

By using felt material, you can get the fashionable boho necklace. Don’t forget to add beads to give the stand out appearance of the necklace.
Make this brass ring necklace a complement to your boho style. The combination of braided fabric with brass rings is indeed very beautiful.
Making a boho necklace using braided rope is a creative idea that you must try. With this necklace your style will look perfect and stand out.
Making boho necklace using neon colored poms will make your style looks attractive. This necklace can also make your style more perfect.
This gold chain necklace just simply need to be added with blue fabric tied into the chain. You can really get festive look by simply wearing this blue necklace.
This creative necklace will be perfect that is suitable for your boho style. Here, you can apply the fabric to wrap the circle for the easy and affordable one.
If you look at this Boho necklace, it seems like you will like it. Especially when you prefer the simple accessory then this black faux leather necklace will fit you well.

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Bracelet will be the most exposed accessory compared with the earrings and necklace. Moreover, it is also has the possibility to be applied in several amount. That is why, it will be the most stand out compares with others. For the materials, you can use the necklace materials for the bracelet. After that, the beads, rhinestone, or colorful tassel are added to create the beauty of boho character.

This bracelet made of leather which is really beautiful when combined with crystals. This bracelet is perfect to make your boho style looks perfect.
Combining the string and small pom poms will be able to create perfect bracelet. This can also become one of your boho styles.
It is really easy to make this DIY bracelet. Since it only using the unused fabric, then anyone can make this bracelet easily.
Make colorful bracelets with yarn combined with the beads. Apply all of the bracelets for your hand and you’ll get the stand out look.
Making clay bracelets is fairly easy as you can make it yourself. Make this bracelet to be the compliment of your boho style.
This bracelet made of beads with creative combination. Then, the selection of the colors will also create the beauty of the bracelet.
Pink fabric bracelet that will absolutely pretty for your boho style. It will also match for you who love the stand out accessory.

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Since boho will give you freedom in having the character of the style, then you can simply follow your personal taste. Or, bring out the impression you want to have. You don’t even need to make your earring, necklace, and earring to be in harmony. Simply express your imagination passion in art in creating the DIY boho accessories.

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