Boho style has a characteristic that is not luxurious and expensive decoration. In fact, the concept of a Bohemian-style home design also uses second-hand items that are reused as decoration. The character of the bohemian style that is free, makes the bohemian concept easy for you to apply to home decor. The trick is through the application of several bohemian ornaments that can be made by doing the DIY Boho craft. These ornaments make bohemian-style home decorations feel even stronger.

Yarn Dream Catcher

Dreamcatcher ornament is one of the boho-shaped decorations. This decoration is very popular for those who like classic and bohemian styles. This decoration is quite easy for you to make. The materials you need include wool yarn, wire or bracelet, and beads. If you can make your own when you will have your own sense of satisfaction! In addition to making hangers, this dream catcher can also be made necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings and others.

If you want to make this beautiful, delicate doily crochet dreamcatchers with several circles that you hang using tree branches suitable for you to hang on your wall
if you want to make the maximum large dream catcher you can use yarn and felt with a boho touch for your work that you hang on your wall
Midnights has a great crochet dreamcatcher pattern with colorful tassel added to maximize your work to make your wall decoration
Making this modern dreamcatcher from Envato and using yarn material. then you can hang it on your bedroom wall to make it look memorable
Simple dream catcher yarn that only requires a circle of iron and yarn material then pulled down and arranged neatly
try this simple crochet dreamcatcher pattern yarn you can add lace and flowers to the circle

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Fur Dream Catcher

Dream Catchers come from the traditions of Native American people. In addition, this decoration serves to protect it from nightmares. A dream catcher made of a circular wooden knot in which there is a woven web with a hole in the middle. Then, at the bottom of the wooden circle, there are two or more hanging feathers. By placing a dreamcatcher above the person who is dreaming, the dream catcher will filter dreams out of the night air, and will only allow good dreams and important messages to enter the person.

soft pink feathery dreamcatcher that utilizes yarn material in a little girls’ nursery or in a cozy reading space

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dream catchers, It has loops of strings in the center and feathers, tassels and everyday trinkets dangling where the dreams will flow.
dream catcher this one resembles more of a tree with beads in the branches reaching up to the circle. Then the roots are made of the string as well with feathers attached.
You have to create 5 circles with looped strings here in different sizes then you can strategically hang the feathers and beads.
A yin-yang inspired dream catcher with white and black feathers, beads and strings. suitable for decorating your wall
dream catcher this one has a sleek and elegant design from the crochet string in the center to the white laces, buttons, beads and fluffy white feather hanging down.
dream catcher for a more personal touch, add some of your stuff in your dream catcher like your pendant and lace to make it look lively
This little dream catcher has a rather unique loop in the middle in the shape of a star. then smash it like black chicken feathers

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Crochet Ornament

Are you looking for other bohemian style ornament ideas? Bohemian ornament is not only gold, brown and classic style. but now Christmas decorations can also get a bohemian style touch. The trick is that you only need to make crochet arrangements in the form of Santa, stars or Santa socks. This, of course, looks unique and makes your Christmas more enjoyable.

DIY crochet Christmas tree ornament whose dominant colors are green and black then add beads for decoration
Cute crochet little Christmas mouse combined with red and green colors is perfect for you to hang the Christmas tree
You can use crochet ornaments in the form of white snowflakes to decorate your Christmas tree
Small white crochet star ornaments are suitable for additional ornaments to decorate a Christmas tree
Crochet stocking ornaments are red and white in accordance with the theme of the Christmas season, then you can hang it on your wall
DIY traditional crochet ornament with dominant red color which is usually used for additional ornament on the Christmas tree
Colorful cute crochet Christmas light ornaments make your Christmas tree more colorful

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Making craftsmanship can hone one’s creativity by using imagination and thought to solve problems. If you succeed in making a craft then it will surely make yourself proud and other people will also be impressed with your work. For that unique Boho-themed decoration you should try so that home decor is increasingly varied. If you want to know on how to bring the Boho style into your fashion, see more at DIY Boho Accessories.

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