By far, the most recognized and used tool is a pair of scissors. From cutting open packages to snipping garden plants, they are found useful in many scenarios. On the professional front, they help tailors cut the cloth right and also assist surgeons during surgery. Astonishingly, the global surgical scissor market alone is expected to touch $437 Million by 2027, with a 3.5% CAGR starting from 2019. The numbers show the impact such a small instrument has on our lives.

With the growth of online stores, one needn’t even go searching for the perfect pair of scissors for your job. Scissors at CraftOnline and similar stores have an assortment of use-types. You can go through all the details, select the required type and get it delivered to your location of choice.

A few major types of scissors available on online portals are:

Sewing Scissors

These scissors are typically longer than regular scissors at 7-10 inches, also weighing more than them. They have dissimilar-sized finger-slots at the rear, with the thumb’s being smaller than the others meant for the fingers to rest. This arrangement allows for both strength and precision. They are also called the dressmaker’s shears.

Tailor’s Scissors

The name is a giveaway to what these scissors can do. A tailor is said to be married to their scissors because of how indispensable they are. This sort of relationship makes them a guaranteed sell for reputed online portals, as the numbers are expected to be significant.

These are generally 5 inches long and have finger holders similar to sewing scissors. They are lighter than the previous model, making them ideal to be carried around and used by novices. They tend to have gold-coloured handles, making them stand out from the rest.

Crafting/Multi-Purpose Scissors

They are the most common type of scissors, meant for cutting craft paper and other materials of similar density. Multi-purpose scissors are used for as basic as cutting packages and cartons as well.

They consist of moderately sharp blades with a rubberized handle. Crafting scissors are typically made from stainless steel and tend to have rounded tips at the front-end for added safety. They are lighter than the previous two types of scissors, allowing even children to use them. Thin, soft branches and leaves can also be cut using these.

Embroidery Scissors

These are recognizable by their comparatively small stature to the rest mentioned above. The other striking feature of theirs is the similar-sized handles. Some embroidery types also have serrations in the blade for crafting unique designs in the cloth. Reputed online stores may also offer gold-plated ones for purchase.

Others come in the form of tweezers having two stout blades at the front followed by a long-plastic handle forming a ‘U’ at the rear. These are operated by pushing against the spring action that intends to keep the blades apart.

The list of scissors at CraftOnline and other online portals is practically endless. There’s one for every use-case, and it only takes a few clicks and scrolls to have yours delivered to your doorstep.

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