If you can create a gift bag, anyone who accepts that gift will feel so loved because you put your love in every detail of the gift. Do not think that DIY gift bag is hard, the ideas below will change your mind. All the ideas are rounded up in Superlative DIY Gift Bag Ideas You Can Create For Every Occasion.

Sew These Reusable Drawstring Fabric Gift Bags

This reusable drawstring fabric gift bags are special because it is smaller in scale but would work well for treats and party favors. Besides, the nice thing about this fabric is the result of this gift bag is so much durable and can be reused time and time again. The material you need to create this is fabric scraps, coordinating thread, ribbon, disappearing ink marker, basic sewing supplies, decorative brooch or pendant, rotary cutter, and mat.

Transform A T-Shirt Into A Gift Bag

If you have any old shirts that you want to donate, you can consider using this old shirt for a quirky gift bag instead. Besides, you can have the bag to be reused as a grocery tote or even a purse. The supplies you need are T-shirts, a ruler, and scissors.

Cardboard Box Gift Bag

Cardboard box gift bag Superlative DIY Gift Bag Ideas You Can Create For Every Occasion


If you are the one who does not like to waste anything in your home, you may consider repurposing a cardboard box from your recycling bin. You can make cuts to the box, flip it inside out then reattach. After that, you can add color and style with various fabric scraps for the handles. The supplies you need are any size cardboard boxes, fabric scraps (t-shirt or tulle), hole punch, glue, and scissors.

Scrapbook Paper Gift Bag

This scrapbook paper gift bag needs paper, scissors, tape, punch ribbon, pinking shears, tag punch, eyelets, and a setter. Your friends who accept this as a paper gift will save this forever because it is so wonderful.

Fabric Bottles Gift Bags

This fabric bottle gift bag is definitely great with little-to-no sewing experience. To create this project does require some sewing but you can create a similar bag using fabric glue. You can sew the bag if you want to transport glass wine bottles.

Crochet Gift Bag

This crochet bag is not only a gift bag, but it is also can be used as storage. The materials you need to create this are worsted weight yarn, 4,5 mm crochet hook, and a tapestry needle for weaving in ends.


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