Making DIY jewelry is quite common. Then now, how if you repurpose your jewelry itself to something more valuable? If you have any jewelry that you do not ever wear, you are highly suggested to take attention on this page with Shattering Creative Ideas To Repurpose Vintage Jewelry.

Small DIY Jeweled Frames

Small diy jeweled frames Shattering Creative Ideas To Repurpose Vintage Jewelry


Look at these jeweled frames. It looks small and stunning. Here you can turn ordinary picture frames into extraordinary creations with some old vintage jewelry. You can turn brooches or large necklaces into standalone frames by just removing the centerpiece and adding your lovely small picture. Thus, many wonderful ways to turn costume jewelry into picture enhancers!

Jewelry Bottle Décor

Jewelry bottle décor Shattering Creative Ideas To Repurpose Vintage Jewelry


Dress up a few of your old bottles and leave them around to decorate home. You may use old vintage jewelry to make those bottles really gorgeous. If you are found in a condition whether you’re decorating perfume bottles or just any old bottles that you happen to have on hand. It is a quick and easy project where you can just glue the pieces on in any design and theme that you want and then use the bottles for vases or just to decorate a table.

Bridal Cuff Bracelets

It is a wonderful way to incorporate some vintage jewelry into your wedding design. This cuff bracelet is absolutely pretty and can be made from old brooches and pearls. Besides, it can be also as beads that you may have on hand. It is best for your or your friend’s upcoming wedding as a gift.

Vintage Jewelry Lampshade

If you are looking to add a romantic feel to the bedroom, this DIY jeweled lampshade is the perfect accessory. You can do this in so many different ways. It’s completely customizable so whatever jewelry you have on hand will work perfectly. Add pearls for a romantic look or whimsical colorful jewelry for kids’ rooms. This is a great way to spark your creativity and create something stunning at the same time.

Bedazzled Belt

Do you feel bored with your ordinary belts? It is an idea where you can pick up old belts at most thrift stores for around a dollar each if you don’t have one on hand already. After that, dress up that buckle with your vintage necklaces and other jewelry. You can just glue an old brooch or smaller pieces from necklaces and earrings to the buckle. The result will show you an incredible belt ever.

Bejeweled Topiary Art

Last, turn your old jewelry pieces into beautiful artwork that you can display throughout your home. These topiaries are made from your old necklaces and brooches. You can decorate them with your own personality. Here, you can just create the base for your topiary pictures and then fill in the blanks with your old costume jewelry pieces.

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