If you have some old tables on the storage or you can buy this from a thrift store. You will spend under $20 to get one old baby changing table that can be repurposed to a new functional thing. Of course, this is a super easy project that will not spend a lot of money or time. In this article, we have gattered DIY repurpose old changing baby to a piece of new furniture that is functional and chic for any room. Let us check them out further below.

DIY Food Serving Cart

Diy food serving cart


It is a cool idea to change a baby changing table into this way. You are easy to bring your dinner meals to the dining room by using this DIY food serving cart. The wheels on the legs will ease you. It takes very little work to make this cart and less budget.

Easy DIY Cat Perch

Let your cats play around by creating this cat perch. You are free to paint it first or not. Add pouf to make the cat fun. This project takes less budget and less effort as well. However, the result will make you satisfied. Cool, huh?

Simple DIY Laptop Cart

This DIY laptop cart helps you to see a recipe in the kitchen. The wheels will ease you to pull this cart anywhere you want. For the one who works at home, this DIY laptop cart is something you need every day. Furthermore, it has storage space underneath to keep your other working tools.

DIY Clever Bathroom Storage

This bathroom storage is once a baby changing table. Cool, isn’t it? So, don’t sell your old baby changing table by the way. It can be repurposed to other functional furniture items. Just like this bathroom storage that takes less effort. Just arrange your towels and other essentials in each self. Feel free to add an indoor plant and other decorative elements.

DIY Decorative Garden Cart

Improve your pro decor by adding a garden cart. Make your own garden cart from an old baby changing table. Paint it to look fresher and let it dry for about a half-day. Then, arrange your plants, house number, and other pieces on the garden cart.

DIY Entryway Table

This gorgeous table is made of an old baby changing table. Can you believe it? Dress up this entryway table with baskets or small wooden crates on the shelves. Add books, candles, and other decorative elements to spruce up this entryway table decor.

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