How many old T-shirts are in your closet? It might be ten or twenty. Oh… it will be nice for you to repurpose them into other useful things. Rather than throw them away, turning each piece into jewelry will be a great idea. So, you will get new jewelry and reduce your old T-shirt amount. As T-shirts offer a lot of recycled things, you can check out our list below. There are DIY jewelry ideas from t-shirts that you can copy for your own.

Fringe Necklace From Old T-shirt

Fringe necklace from old t-shirt


Cut your old T-shirt into smaller pieces. Take the longer one. Then tie one by one the shorter pieces to it. The result will show a diamond look. Wear this fringe necklace to look stylish in spring or summer. And, feel free to combine it with your outfit.

DIY Braided Chain Necklace

Awesome, isn’t it? You need two T-shirts of different colors and braid them in one. Then, add a chain to keep it more attractive. Prepare the chain, hoops, and jump rings. Creating this project will not spend a lot of money. Furthermore, you will get new accessories for your next style.

Handmade T-shirt Necklace With Flowers

What do you call this? Whether a necklace or scarf but it is made of an old T-shirt. Furthermore, you can wear this for any season. Winter, fall, spring, or even summer. This necklace works well for any style. You can combine it with your casual outfit.

DIY Cool Friendship Bracelet

You will need cord ends, jump rings, and some t-shirt pieces to make this awesome bracelet. This easy project will not spend a lot of money. You can get the materials from a thrift store. Furthermore, you will do this project in minutes. Even, a DIY newbie can make this soon.

DIY Necklace From T-shirt

First of all, cut the old-Tshirt into some smaller pieces. Then, tie a certain part to create a beautiful scheme. After that, add some colorful buttons to spruce it up. This necklace works well for a spring style to combine with a v-neck shirt, lace top, or cropped top.

Cool Braided Tshirt Necklaces

Stripe the pieces of T-shirts to create a cool braided necklace. You are free to combine different color T-shirts to get a more eye-catching look. Then, it should be better for you to layer your T-shirt necklaces for a cooler style. Wear this for spring or summer will make you look stylish and chic.



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