Are you struggling for more storage space in your home? Or do you want to upgrade your storage appearance to be more beautiful and chic? Having plenty of storage space is what people need to save their things. Whether in terms of shelves, drawers, hanging racks, or other kinds of stuff, the storage should look charming. In this article, we recommend DIY storage ideas to copy. Check out further below!

Awesome Closet Doors

Awesome closet doors

If you feel bored with your closet, upgrade it now! Take a few yards of fabric to cover the doors. Choose any colors as you like that will blend with your room decoration. Then, use a staple gun to stuck the fabrics on the doors.


Restyling Old Shelves

Restyling old shelves

When you want to change your old shelves look, add more colors. In this picture, the owner installs some pallette of greens,Β  earth tones, and metallics. The combination of whimsical accents and natural materials is perfect to create eye-catching shelves decoration.

Storage Without Shelves

Storage without shelves

Adding shelves on the wall may create a messy room. The way to add storage space without shelves is merely by installing pegboards. Use the large one, in which it will cover the wall. So, you may add some mirrors, plants, and other things that can be functioned as accents.

Hanging Space

Hanging space

What a cool vibe! If you are looking for a great DIY idea to hang your hat or hang on some plants, this ladder may work better. You don’t have to do hard things, just add some nails or pins to hang your planters and others.

DIY A-Frame Ladder Shelves

Diy a-frame ladder shelves

Awesome! This a pretty easy idea to create a storage space that functioned to display your dinnerware. Build A-frame ladder shelves and put them in your dining room. So, you don’t have to buy a new cabinet.

Affordable Linen Closet

Affordable linen closet

Do you need a linen closet in your bathroom? If you want to keep your budget, just create a fake linen closet. Take some baskets to the wall. Put some towels and washed clothes to create such a decorative look on your bathroom wall.

Hanging Holder To Keep Books

Hanging holder to keep books

What pretty book storage is this! Even a DIY newbie can create it alone. Just take some felts, woods, and strings. Choose some different patterns to get a chic look. Then, put on some books or magazines on it.


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