We all need a curtain. It is not only about adding privacy, curtain can also make a room look larger, add a pop of color, and diffuse natural light, depending on the type you choose and how you hang them. But with so many options to choose, choosing one can be quite frustrating, right? So, why not make your own?

1. Beaded Curtain

If you love beaded curtains, let’s make your own!

Give your bohemian soul a happiness by making this Boho chic beaded window curtain

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beaded curtain is made of glass, plastic and handmade polymer beads, along with fabric to fill in spaces, all threaded with fishing line

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Take Styrofoam balls and some simple rope to emulate the hippie curtains of the ’70s, but with a modern flair

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Modern crystal beads are great for decorative door curtains and interesting window treatments

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This simple yet sparkling beads curtain design has just added splash of colors to your room and it’s really easy-to-do

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2. Upgrade your Fabric Curtain

Give your old fabric curtain a new look with one of these DIY ideas below!

Another option that is easier than Shibori is by dyed your fabric

Transform your old curtain by paint them with fabric paint. if you are not an artist, just make a stripes just like in the picture above

Just potato stamp your old fabric curtain and voila, new look!

Be brave and mix bright colored pom poms with soft, neutral fabrics like linen or cotton to keep this look happy and breezy

Shibori dyeing is an ancient Japanese technique that involves twisting or bunching fabric and using indigo dye to give it a rich, blue color

Upgrade your fabric curtain by making a ruffle to give it a touch of pizzazz

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3. Macrame Curtain

Macramé is a throwback that comes in and out of the spotlight that can easily be incorporated into your home. So, let’s incorporate it as a curtain!

This macrame probably looks difficult, but even a novice knotter can replicate the look

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You can add copper pipes, beads or embellishments of your choice to your macrame curtain

With the use of cotton fabric, beads, and glitter and macrame knotting techniques this Boho-chic curtain looks adorable

Use your best knot-tying skill making an exceptionally pretty curtain for dressing the doors and windows. this will add a lacy element to your decor with the elegant white look

For this project, the traditional macrame cord is replaced with a softer and thicker natural yarn

Add beads to a macrame curtain and the result is surely cool

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4. No-Sew Curtain

Lack of sewing skill? Worry not. These DIY ideas below suits you well.

This colorful panel curtains were made entirely with tape—and add a bold look to this living room

Once you find fabric with a colorful print, all you need is an iron and adhesive tape

Not only are these farmhouse style curtains easy to make, they’re also super affordable. all you need is a twin size flat sheet and drapery rings

Kitchen towels with a pretty pattern are the perfect no-sew window treatment for your kitchen. plus, they’re durable and easy to wash

An affordable adhesive will turn your favorite fabric into a chic window treatment

All you need is hem tape, an iron, fabric, and these magic curtain clips to create these privacy curtains

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