If you love spending time in your outdoor space but the neighbors are a little too close for comfort, an outdoor privacy screen is a great solution for you. Especially if you live in a condominium or a neighborhood where building a fence isn’t a good option, create a privacy screen is surely the best options for you. In the middle of this kind of trouble? We’ve collected these privacy screen that you can do it yourself at home to help you out!

1. DIY Pallet Outdoor Privacy Screen

Let’s start with a bit sturdy and the most easier to find one, pallet.

This kind of multi-purpose privacy screen is a must-have item screen especially if you love gardening

One of the most-wanted types of a privacy screen is the free-standing one. it can be installed, and it also can be moved more accessible than the permanent one

Never underestimate the magical use of wood pallets which can turn into the artistic types of furniture

Just collect some pallet and create a simple chevron screen to boost your privacy

A DIY pallet privacy screen, adorable seating and nice lighting is a must

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2. DIY Fabric Privacy Screen

Need another inexpensive ideas? How about outdoor curtain made of fabric? Sounds good?

These white curtains are lovely and light and add a thick privacy curtain to the space as well as some shade to the corner

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This DIY outdoor curtains are made from drop cloth and soon you are ready to relax outside the house

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You only need the PVC pipes, PVC elbows, PVC T joints, PVC caps, hinges, and fabric

The waterproof fabric or the outdoor-friendly fabric can be the best choice, after all since you are going to install it outside

Having a curtain outdoor privacy screen is fit for those who want to change the vibe easily

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Material drapes are simple to set up and to utilize and they’re extremely personalized. include them to a pergola to acquire more privacy or defense from the sun

If you do not have enough time and abilities to construct your very own privacy screen, you can just purchase a ready-made drape panel that will not just offer privacy for your outdoor space

Fabric, little scrap pieces of woodwork, material, drill or screws, stitching maker, and routine sewing things

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3. Planter As Privacy Screen

But, nothing better than a living privacy screen!

Hedge walls are a great method to specify an outdoor area and offer it a natural, natural appearance

Rather than utilizing synthetic products to include privacy to your desk, various services can be to utilize plants and trees for that function

A method to move the plant to the wanted area is with big planters. you can even plant trees in these ones and utilize them to acquire privacy when utilizing the outdoor locations

It takes a bit of time to bend vines to cover a fence or a privacy screen however it could be done when the procedure is total all of it looks remarkable

Hedge walls are a great method to specify an outdoor area and offer it a natural, natural appearance

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The crossbeams and poles make the perfect base for climbing greenery, especially in a sunny site. the overall effect is serene and romantic as well as intensely private

No matter your choice of greenery, the decision to garden in hanging planters will both screen your yard from outside view and free up space to use for lounging, grilling, and other outdoor activities

Bamboo, an essential for any tropical space, grows tall enough to shield your cozy hideaway

A well-planned hedge can reach virtually any desired height to be a living privacy screen

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