From trying out craft projects you find to storing your overnight oats, mason jars are a go-to. That is why mason jars are arguably one of the best investments you could make. So, don’t toss it out. Let’s see what mason jars can do for your home.

1. Mason Jar As Lighting

One popular DIY that can be done with this versatile household item in DIY mason jar lights. Because of their shape and structure, mason jars form great holders for lights and can be customized in a number of ways to look good.

Your backyard can easily be transformed into a fairy wonderland with just a few mason jar candles hanging from the branches of your trees

This mason jar lighting uses twine or wire along with string lights to give the mason jar a nice and warm woodland feeling

These kinds of DIY mason jar lights make for great overhead lights and can be great for dressers and bathroom lighting

Mason jars are incredibly easy to paint on and can make for great candle holders

If you want a good ceiling piece that you can put either in your kitchen or dining room, this particular one is the perfect DIY that you can try out

If you are someone who likes making their candles at home, these are the DIY mason jar lights that you need

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2. Centerpiece Made of Mason Jar

Next, let’s move on to the table. These DIY Mason jar centerpiece ideas below are so handy to do yourself at home with some fun crafting stuff around. And plus, you can change it based on the occasion that happen.

Tea light candles, gum drops and tadaaaa, your table centerpiece is ready

Paint it, add a sprinkle of glitters and your DIY mason jar is ready to go

Make it plain, just mason jar, water and flowers

Just paint the mason jar with your favorite color and add some fresh flowers

Hand painted the mason jar with metallic and gold, embellished it with a burlap bow trimmed in gold and this pretty DIY is ready to beautify your dining table

An easy DIY mason jar only with a ribbon and rope

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3. Mason Jar As Storage

Whether you use small jelly sized jars or you need larger jars because you do a lot of sewing, you can keep buttons organized by size, shape, color, or even project need

This sewing kit with a pin cushion on top is the best way to keep your hand sewing essentials organized

This organizer is made by affixing mason jars to an old pallet, which you can re-stain to give it that great rustic look

This mason jar organizer is a great way to get that desk cleaned up so you have more room, and let’s face it – when you’re organized, you get so much more work done

There is no better way than to organize your twine with this mason jar organizer

This DIY mason jar spike rack is a great way to keep spices fresh and organized with the chalkboard tops

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