For some people that having off day from works or holiday means having me-time like doing nothing or just enjoy a lazy time. But, some others think that enjoying a lazy time on holiday is a big no and it is a boring thing. Since they are used to do something productive, so they still need something to make them more alive in their spare time or holiday. There are 8 activities that will keep your mind active in a fun way below by creating some interesting DIY craft.

Indoor Planter

If you have a hobby like beautifying your outdoor or indoor with planting, so you are familiar with decorating planter. You’ve known that planters itself have already beautiful with those plants but, decorating planters are way impressive. Use the painting to make it more interesting or attaching some patterned paper on them. You can find that they will so different than before. What an artsy activity, isn’t it? See more at Indoor Planter Craft!

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We all know that nowadays, the frame is not only to frame an image, photo, or painting. It also can be made into another useful thing like to hang jewelry or keys. But, the frame itself is not always made by wood. There are some ways to make the unusual or different frame. You can make it by using hard cardboard then cover it with patterned paper or gift paper. But, if you want something pretty, you can cover that frame by using embroidery fabric that you make by yourself. It is so stunning, so pretty and it is worthy to try.


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Having spare time is something that some people wish for. Because maybe that having a project like decorating the house to make a house more interesting and comfortable. If you are one of them so making ornaments for your house is an activity that you can do. You can start making simple ornaments like adding dry twig then attach it on sliced wood. This simple ornament is for vintage, rustic or farmhouse design. But, if your room design is modern, well, I think this ornament will well combine with its room’s design.

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Making beauty accessories more than just creating a handcraft but it also releasing toxic in our body such as stress and anxiety. So girls, we need this kind of activity. You can start making simple beaded accessory like a bracelet or necklace or even pretty beaded hair accessory. Trust me, it would be a fun holiday.

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Decorative Candle

Another decoration that you can make in your spare time is making decorative candles. As we all know that lit some candles will give special vibe, it becomes more relaxing, warm and romantic too. To make it more special, you can make decorative to cover it. You can make by using anything around that you can find to make it more impressive such as the outer skin of wood as the pic above.

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Piggy Bank

And this craft is a DIY project that you can make with your children. Besides of giving them an interesting activity with you can also give a good lesson about saving. Well, expert says that saving is a habit that should be taught since a young age. Moreover, you can use a waste can or container but, make sure to clean it first before turn it into piggy bank then next is about creativity and for it you don’t need rules.

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Napkin Folding

Napkin folding is another craft that you can make to complete your kitchen’s look. Generally, napkin’s form is in a hand-fan form. But, if you just make it so, it seems you need more effort to make it different yet interesting. You can add another form like a bird form made by paper tissue. It is very unusual, different than others and also will add more positive feeling while you have it in your room

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Flower Vase

If you don’t have a unique vase as your livingroom decoration, well it is not an obstacle to stop your expectation to beautify your house. Use any kind of container, a glass container is perfect but if you don’t have, use any kind you have. Next, attach a colorful paper or paint it with a cute character. From polka to a painting vase, well it is supposed to not mismatch with the room’s design, in color used or another.

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