Do you like gardening? People stop their gardening activity in winter because of the cold weather. Most of your plants are going to freeze. Then, you should choose the best plants for winter. You can’t plant flowers like Jasmine or Rose. Look for other plants that will defend against cold weather. Some plants will grow in winter and make your garden looks more beautiful. Check out our list below and start to plant soon!

Winter Blooming Camellia

Winter blooming camellia


Thanks to the God who has provided this beautiful flower in this world. It grows well in the winter. You can see how it blooms so beautifully. Planting Camellias is not hard. Just like other flowers. You will need a pot, soil, and fertilizer. So, have you planted this flower in your garden?

Witch Hazel in Winter

Having this winter in the garden is such a blessing. Look at the yellow color that is so bright during fall and winter. You can see this flower blooms from fall until mid-winter. Just make sure that you plant it well. So, it can grow well. Instead of red, yellow looks calmer for an outdoor area in the winter, right?

Cotoneaster in winter

Look at this plant! It shows red berries that will make anyone love them. Reds among white snows are beautiful. You can see this plant grows in winter and blooms. Anyone who loves gardening will not avoid this plant. Seeing it in winter with red berries and blooms is unforgettable. So, what are you waiting for? Plant Cotoneaster now and see how this plant grows well during the cold weather.

Ornamental Brassicas During Winter

If you want to bring such a natural feeling around your home, plant this ornamental brassica. The petals are so eye-catching. It will appear brighter against a light frost. You can plant it in a pot or just in the ground. It will not grow taller than more than 15 inches. 

Red Twig Dogwood Shrub in Winter

What do you think? Seeing red twig dogwood shrub in winter will make us feel warm. Yups! It is because of the color that looks so bright. It seems like this plant brings happiness to our hearts during the cold season. Furthermore, this plant will produce tiny red blooms in spring. Red branches with white snow background are perfect. 


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