During winter you might won’t find any greenery outside because the yard will covered by the snow. Whereas, greenery is something important that can bring out certain atmosphere that you need for a living. Because of that, you have to be able to create the greenery inside your home. It will be so much worthy so that although you can’t get the greenery outside, you can still get it inside.

Steel Vertical Garden

For the first durable planter that you can apply in your home is the steel. You can manage to have it in some different forms. Adjust the form based on the pots that you will use. Moreover, you can install your steel vertical garden by hanging it or simply stand it on the floor. Then, for more beauty, paint it into certain paint color that can represent your home style.

This black steel is very sturdy and durable making it perfect for long term decorating ideas. You can use this black steel to hang potted plants so that your indoor garden looks more beautiful. Black Stell Garden from @home_ngarden.

This indoor garden uses steel shelves to display plants so that it will present an attractive appearance. Decorated with string lights will give a very festive look. Lighted Steel Rack Plant Display from @pip.did.athing.

This black steel rack will be the perfect place to display your indoor plants. Placing it on the wall will make your wall look more perfect and manage to steal the show. Black Steel Plant Rack from @t_and_plants.

This hanging rack made using steel will be the perfect place to display plants. Being on the wall will allow it to function properly and without taking up a lot of space. Wall Plant Display from @elenamora___.

This wall finished with metal will be the perfect place to create an indoor garden. You just need to hang some pots in there so it will give a beautiful and refreshing look. Vertical Steel Garden from @raw.tura.

This minimalist garden uses metal as a place to display the plants so that it will be stronger and last longer. The owner placed it on the wall so it will make your wall stand out and manage to steal the show. Minimalist Steel Plant Display from @balconygardenweb.

Vertical Plant Hanger

For the other vertical planter, you can have it by using the hanger planter. In this case, you can create it by using the jute rope or the iron chain. Then, if you want add the rustic style, you can add wood pallet into the jute rope. Moreover, it is also useful if you have lot of pots to put. At last, you can give colors if you want but make sure that you adjust the color with the style.

This DIY Indoor garden uses a hanging rack so it will look more creative. The creator used it to display some potted plants so that it will become a greenery in your house. Windows Treatment from @homeoniship.

This three tier hanging plant looks attractive with a combination of green, black and white. Hanging in the indoor area makes it successful in providing perfect natural freshness indoors. Three Tiered Hanging Plant from @greenzplants.

Hanging potted plants using macramé will be a simple and attractive indoor garden. Being right in front of the wall will make it successful in stealing the attention of everyone who sees it. Macramé Hanging Plant from @planteraamor.

Look at the picture above, interesting isn’t it? This indoor hanging garden is made using a plastic bottle so it will present a unique look. Hanging it on a glass window will make it the perfect window treatment. Hanging Pottle Planter from @upcyclethat.

This glass window is equipped with several hanging plants so it will be the perfect window treatment. Hanging using macramé on a curtain rod will make it look extraordinary. Glass Window Hanging Plant from @monicoplants.

Use branches to hang some potted plants in your home for a unique look. You can hang it right in front of the wall so it will be perfectly exposed. Branch for Hanging Plant from @theplantbunker_brisbane.

This indoor plant hanger is on the ceiling to make it look attractive and different from the others. You can hang plants using Macrame and twigs for greenery indoors. White Macrame Hanging Plant from @nonegativedecor.


The last indoor planter that you can provide is terrarium. This one will be the mini plants which are really cute and pretty. You can even make garden or yard miniature by using succulent. Since there are so many different kinds of succulent, then you can create any design that you want.

Bubble glass terrarium to create a small garden inside. By using a container with a hole in the front, it looks very unique. Displayed together with string light makes it look so perfect. Glass Bottle Terrarium from @leslieterranceshop.

Amazing ! This Coffee Table Terrarium is made as a DIY project using a combination of cactus and succulent so it looks perfect. Wood and stone accents on this terrarium will give it an aesthetic look. Coffee Table Terrarium from @bloomingtablesinc.

Creative isn’t it? This terrarium was made with a DIY project using mini succulent so it looks very creative and interesting. The owner displays it hanging so that it can be exposed without taking up much space. Hanging Terrarium from @glaze_and_green.

Take a look at this terrarium, having a geometric bent makes it successful in presenting a modern look. This terrarium is filled with succulent and decorated with fairy light so that it looks very beautiful. Geometric Terrarium from @atelier.no8.

This glass run terrarium contains succulents and cactus so it looks very cool and attractive. Rock accents and fine sand will make this terrarium look perfect. Glass Urn Terrarium from @lepetitjardinterrarios.

This terrarium is made with glass so that it can be seen clearly and beautifully. Filled with various kinds of succulents make this terrarium very beautiful. Putting it on the table will be a centerpiece. Terrarium Centerpiece from @theminiroseco.

Terrarium with some succulents to decorate your living room especially for your coffee table to make it look attractive. The planter here is very unique with a blend of glass and red soil materials. Succulent Terrarium from @daniellenicolepurtell.

After all, basically you can apply all of the planters ideas above. Or, if you don’t have the spacious home then you can simply choose one of those two vertical planters. Then, add the terrarium to put on your living room coffee table. Since terrarium is in small size, then it always worthy to have it even when you have a small house only.


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