You probably have many pencil erasers at home and more if you have kids in school. Here we give you the unpredictable DIY project ideas to use a pencil eraser. All ideas are collected in Unexpected Problem Solving Ideas You Can Do With Pencil Erasers.

Clean You Suede

Clean you suede Unexpected Problem Solving Ideas You Can Do With Pencil Erasers


It is a surprising idea yet also unfamiliar to clean suede with an eraser. Here, you can use an eraser to manually remove dirt from the material. We know that it is important since many liquids can stain or discolor suede.

Keep You Shoes Shiny

Keep you shoes shiny v


You know that scuff marks and haze can dull the trademark shine of patent leather shoes. Thus, you can use a pencil eraser to cut through hazy residue and remove scuff marks. After that, buff them with a soft and clean cloth until your shoes are shiny again like new.

Keep Track Of Pins

If you are working on a new sewing project or pinning a hem to alter a piece of clothing, it is a necessity to stick pins as you remove them! So, if you do not have a pin cushion on hand, you can grab an eraser instead. It will work well, and you will still be able to use the eraser afterward. Get two works done with one thing.

Save An Earring

Have you ever lost the back of one of your favorite earrings? I experienced it so many times. The idea of an eraser here will solve this problem. You can cut the eraser off a pencil and use it as a makeshift earring back! You will find the fact that it is a quick and easy solution in a pinch, and the rubber eraser will not budge making it much harder to lose.

Stabilize A-Frame

Do you get yourself tired of picture frames that are always tilting to one side and scuffing up your walls? Here, you can stabilize a troublesome frame with the help of a couple of pencil erasers! You can directly glue a small piece of eraser to the bottom corners of the back of your frame to prevent tilting and eliminate scratching and scuffing.

Remove Adhesive Residue

There are two ways to remove the stubborn sticky residue that remains after removing a sticker or label. First, you can dissolve it or you can rub it off. The second option is simply to use the help of a pencil eraser, which should provide the grip and friction necessary to lift the remaining adhesive residue away from the surface.

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