Some brides love their wedding dresses so much because they wish they could have them with them all of the time. In fact, it will not go well that way. Here we have creative DIY projects to reuse old wedding dresses in DIY Creative Ideas To Reuse Your Old Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dress Headband

Wedding dress headband DIY Creative Ideas To Reuse Your Old Wedding Dress


Headbands are good to dress up short or long hairstyles in a matter of seconds. Just take some material from your wedding dress and make a headband from it. You can either create as simple or as complicated as you want. There is another option to make several headbands using various parts of your gown. Start by cut out lace patterns or pick apart smaller pieces like buttons and rhinestones. Next, glue them to a cheap plastic or ribbon hairband for a quick new accessory. On the other hand, you can also wrap some of the satin or silk material around the band for a less flashy look.

Bouquet Of Flowers

Bouquet of flowers DIY Creative Ideas To Reuse Your Old Wedding Dress


Look at this pretty bouquet of flowers.  You can cut up parts of your dress and bunch together the material to create flowers. Then, if you have several types of material on the gown, it will make for a more appealing bouquet. You can use the veil too if you want even more contrast. After that, you can take buttons from the dress, earrings you wore at the weddings, or even some of your mom’s jewelry and attach it to the center of the flowers for an extra special and sentimental touch. But why stop there? The next step is your garter and wraps it around the “stems” to help hold the bouquet together.

Wall Hall Hanging Decor

One way to maximalize your old wedding dress project is to put some of your favorite pieces from the dress in a shadow box or even flat pieces like lace inside of a flat glass frame. Besides, you can also use it to cover a canvas print and perhaps get even more creative by using material dye. Then, make it the color you used in your wedding or even a color that compliments your home’s design.

Tote Old Wedding Dress

For this old wedding dress project, you will need to do is turn your dress into a tote bag or purse. If you have a more casual dress, you can use it as an everyday tote bag. If the dress you have is more elegant, then turn it into an evening handbag. Here, you can use flat, plain material, or go for more decorative designs by adding in some of the lace or beads from your gown. There is another cool idea for elegant bags, namely, use a necklace as the handle. Although it is made from an old wedding dress, it has a special meaning to you.


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