Jewelry is always tempting. Meanwhile, if you are in the time of saving your money for your handmade jewelry, the ideas below are perfect for you.

Wire Crescent Moon Necklace

Wore crescent moon necklace, nothing can beat this cute and simple wire crescent moon necklace as a gift on some special day as it is made with love. So get your hands ready with the supplies: wire, jump rings, and the small sizes of glass and seed beads.

Wire Wrapped Crystal Earrings

Outstanding Handmade Wire Wrapped Jewelry Ideas


This jewelry project is a money-saving idea. It is the result of lovely pair of crystal earrings. Then, it is quite easy and fun to make with a feasible list of the supplies and tools. So get your hands ready with the jewelry wire, cutters, pliers, gemstones, and earring hooks.

Stone Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelets

The result of this project is showing that this is not handmade. In fact, it is a handmade bracelet. It looks chic, pretty, and special. Here, you can just take your stunning gemstones and the gauge wire to work up this project of the bangle bracelets. They make the perfect gifts for your dear and near ones. The supplies you need are 20 gauge beading wire, 1-5 beads or gemstones, jewelry wire cutters, jewelry bent nose pliers, jewelry long nose pliers, and cylindrical object that is the same size as your wrist.

Handmade Wire Wrapped Bead Rings

This project is mentioned as the prettiest and cutest jewelry craft to get your hands on. Therefore, take your crafty supplies like the crafty wire, beads, and ring sizers to make these utterly gorgeous and quirky rings. By seeing the result, it is not only pretty for you but also for your special ones as a gift.

Wire Wrapped Button Pendant

Look at these gorgeous wire-wrapped button pendants that are so pretty as personalized pieces jewelry collection. Then, the buttons have been adorned with jewelry wire and curled like flowers or roses for a more fascinating look. Last, you can add the chains to have a completely pretty piece. So the supplies you need are the button, craft wire (18 gauge), craft pliers, and jewelry chains.

Wire Wrapped Princess Crown

Do your daughters always want to act like princesses? So, they need perfect dressing for that as the princess has a crown, so now you can make these wire-wrapped princess crown for your little girls and make them feel royal at their place. The supplies you need are gauge aluminum wire, gauge silver-plated copper wire, round crystal bead, wire cutters, nylon jaw pliers, and bent nose pliers.


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