Women spend a ton of money to buy jewelry every year. There might be hundreds of jewelry pieces on their drawers. If you like to wear jewelry to complete your style, why don’t you make some by hand? Wire wrapped jewelry improves your appearance. Furthermore, it saves your pocket. In this article, we have collected DIY wire-wrapped jewelry ideas that you can copy soon. Most of them are easy and cheap. Let us check them out further below and get more inspiration.

DIY Pretty Beaded Wire Ring

DIY Pretty Beaded Wire Ring


The rings are pretty. You can give them to your best friend as well. To make the ring, you will need gold wire, stones, or pearls, or you can use beads. Attach the beads on the wire. Then, wrap them with gold wire to shape the ring.

DIY Cool Wire Wrapped Button Pendant

Do you want to have a cool necklace that is easy and cheap? Try this in your leisure time. Just prepare the chain, gold wire, and buttons. Wrap the button with a wire. Feel free to style the pattern you like. Then, attach it to the chain. It looks pretty to complete your style every day.

DIY Beautiful Wire-Wrapped Princess Crown

Make a little girl like a princess with a princess crown. You don’t have to buy it from the store. Creating a crown by hand will not be a hard thing to do. Shape the crown by using wire, it is up to you to use the silver or gold ones. Then, add a stone to make it more interesting.

DIY Wire Wrap Bead Stud Earrings

What about these earrings? Having wire wrap bead stud earrings will complete your style. No matter what the season is, these earrings will work well with your style. You only need gold wires and studs to make this. Prepare your cutting, twisting, and hammering tools as well.

DIY Wire Wrap Pearl Flower Bracelet

Prepare your regular jewelry tools and materials to make this beautiful bracelet. First of all, you need to cut the copper wire. Then, attach the studs to the copper wire. Shape it to look like a wedding bracelet. Well, it will need several hours but the result will be so elegant.

Handmade Beaded Wire Heart Necklace

The first step, use copper-shaded aluminum wire to make a heart shape. Then, attach the beads to the heart by using tinner copper wire. You will need a jump ring to attach this heart to the chain.


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