Interior design trends are always changing, and if you’re keen to stay on top of them for 2022, then keep your eye on the curves! Curved furniture, accessories and design are set to spike in popularity and here’s why!

Rising popularity 

People often question why certain things go in and out of fashion – who decides, why and how do they hold so much power? Interestingly, a lot of the time the current political, social and cultural climate can have a large impact on what is trending. For example, many Tik Tok fashion bloggers took to the app to explain how the pandemic saw the increased popularity of neutral colours, due to people becoming more attuned to nature and their home after months in lockdown. So looking into 2022 – what is contributing to the rising popularity of curved furniture? 

Whilst previously, straight harsh lines became synonymous with modernity, curves are now competing for the top spot. After two years of pandemic-related hardships, people are actively seeking comfort in all aspects of their life. With orders to stay at home and an increase in remote working, it is natural for individuals to want to create a soft, homely and cosy space. Curves are also thought to denote femininity, and an essence of gentleness. In the wake of multiple events related to violence against women, we could be seeing women from all walks of life seeking to embrace their identity within their homes. 

Curves as opposed to straight lines create this desired aesthetic and outcome by softening the room, and creating a more intimate and social space, which has become essential in the past years. The teachings of feng shui are also a huge aspect here as curves have traditionally been incorporated into living spaces to promote good flow and balance. 

Ways you can achieve this trend

Whether you are looking to completely revamp your home, or simply add some elements which nod to the trend – the simplicity and non-defining characteristics of ‘curves’ means that there are multiple ways to do this. 

If you are looking for a statement piece, investing in a beautiful curved sofa will have high impact. It will act as the centrepiece of a room and draw people towards it, thus acting as social magnet if you happen to host gatherings and events. Not only that, but it can be viewed as an art piece due to it subverting the genre of what may come to mind when someone says ‘sofa’. If you have already invested in sofas and have no plans of replacing them, placing a curved or round coffee table can really draw multiple sofas together, creating a more social and intimate space. 

If you are looking to accessorise however, you may look to incorporate curved vases, lightshades, candles, cushions, and mirrors into your home. All will certainly tie the curved trend into your interior, without a complete revamp. 

You don’t have to break the bank to stay on trend in 2022! 

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