Do you like to drink soda? Don’t throw away the can! It can be used for making a useful craft. Well. Soda can, tin can, and other cans are easy to find. Do you know that those are versatile to make some decorative items? Furthermore, reusing them will save our lovely earth as well. We have gathered DIY crafts that are made using recycled cans to inspire you. Those DIYs are great to improve your skills. Then, you will use them to decorate your home. Check out further below!

DIY Upcycled Tin Can Windchime

Diy upcycled tin can windchime



Improve your garden by decorating it with a DIY upcycled tin can windchime. Your garden will appear so unique. Then, you will hear a beautiful sound from them. Paint the cans. So that you will get a colorful windchime. Use it to decorate your indoor garden and listen to the beauty of wind sound like a piece of music.

Fanciful Upcycled Soda Can Flowers


Your garden looks so dull? Why don’t you design it with these upcycled soda can flowers? Those are colorful like real flowers. Cut the soda can and shape the flower you like. After that, paint it in different bright colors. Hang those can flowers on the garden wall. This project is super easy to do. A beginner can finish it in minutes. 

Adorable Upcycled Tin Can Bird Feeder


What birds usually come to your garden? Do they eat or drink? Help them to get food by hanging a bird feeder. You don’t need to buy it at the store. This adorable upcycled tin can bird feeder is enough. The design is pretty. So, it will make your garden looks more decorative. Insert the beans on it. Then, let any bird come and eat.

Rustic Coffee Decorated Tin Can Watering Can


What about this can craft? It looks so adorable for your garden. Making this project is easy. Take a tin can. You can create the handle using wire. Then, make the tube using cardstock or thick paper. Attach the handle and tube to each side of the tin can. Then, add coffee beans to it by using glue. Let it dry for some hours. You will get a new rustic coffee tin can watering can.

Tin Can Snowman


What do you think of this white snowman? It is made using old tin cans that are painted well in white. The crafter adds three red buttons to make it more alive. Then, the blue glittered ribbon looks so cute on its neck. We also love the hat. 


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